Painted Stair Rails

Our neighbor recently updated her stair rail can you believe the before and after!

~They went from carpet to wood about 2 years ago~

Well, I’m sure you can imagine what happened next.  The oak that wasn’t so bad before stood out against their beautiful and gorgeous hardwood floors so she went to work.

Black railings and white spindles, be still my heart!

The white used is Swiss coffee, black is just a standard black and the gorgeous walls are creamy mushroom.

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  1. Her stairs look great and I so want to do mine, but it is such a hard job and will take a lot of time that I just really don’t have. Maybe some day I can hire someone to do it.

  2. Gorgeous! I only have stair rails on the walls, if that makes sense, no actual stair rails with spindles. They are painted white and I truly sick of them because they pick up every thing. I thought about replacing them with iron but painting or staining them a darker color seems like a great solution.

  3. Hmmm….. my rails are not oak, they are Hickory but that same color, and boy how nice they would look in black. Think I should pin this if for no other reason than to see my husbands expression when I say guess what I’m gonna do!


  4. Kristin ~ Thank you again for sharing this great idea. I’ve been thinking about it ever since I moved into my new little house. Since I’ve followed your lead and painted my cabinets (still more to do), I’m assuming it’s basically the same materials. Can’t wait to see the result, I know it will really add a great touch to my little place as I do not want to replace the rails with metal, just too expensive right now. Thank you again!!!

  5. I love the finished project!!!!! I have the same stairs and started to sanding and staining and it did nt go as dark.. Can u tell me if u used sander and what primer and after paint did u glaze it and with what product..

    thank u so much

  6. These turned out amazing! What a huge difference! I wish I could do this in our house but we don’t have rails, they just put a half wall up the stairway 🙁

  7. It looks really sharp! We did the same thing. Our railings were almost orange. And near the turn at the landing, there was a layer of grime. It was refreshing to do something like this. The only difference is that we used a stain on the black portion. It does show the dust a bit more, but I still love it!

  8. The new paint job is striking! I love the pop of black it really sharpens the space…kind of like outlining a coloring with a black crayon. 😉

    Irene did a beautiful jog. She obviously had great taste and skill.

  9. This is so beautiful!! I am wanting to do this with my stairs and also my stair baby gates-to match my hardwood(so it would be dark brown not black). I was wondering-what paint did you use? Eggshell, glossy? Also, I was originally going to stain them but paint would be soooo much easier. Did the paint get sticky? Like when you use them is it smooth or sticky to the touch? Thanks so much!!! Love it!

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