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DIY Filled Glass Christmas Ornaments


 DIY Snow-Filled Clear Ornaments: Winter Wonderland Craft
Create your enchanting winter wonderland with this delightful DIY snow-filled clear Christmas ornaments this holiday season! Follow our easy step-by-step guide to bring a touch of snowy magic to your holiday decor. You can use plastic or glass ornaments and simply fill the inside with faux snow and tie a beautiful ribbon!

This is the easiest Christmas craft for you today that will add a lot of sparkle to any holiday decor, the kids helped me with these ornaments! 



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Faux Snow
Fillable Glass or Plastic Ornament
Faux Pearls
Funnel Or Make your own
Miniature holiday figurines (optional)
Ribbon or twine for hanging


  1. Gather Your Materials: Collect clear plastic or glass ornaments, artificial snow or white glitter, a funnel, (I made my own with paper)miniature holiday figurines (if desired), and ribbon or twine for hanging.
  2. Remove Ornament Caps: Carefully remove the caps from the clear ornaments. This will provide easy access for filling them.  You can paint them if you would like, I added a little rub n buff in gold.

  1. Prepare the Funnel: Attach the funnel to the top of the ornament to make pouring the snow or glitter easier and more precise.

  1. Add Artificial Snow or Glitter: Pour the artificial snow or white glitter into the ornament through the funnel. Use the funnel to control the amount and distribute it evenly for a snowy effect.

  1. Optional: Add Miniature Figurines: For an extra festive touch, place miniature holiday figurines such as snowmen, Christmas trees, or reindeer inside the ornament. Arrange them as you like, ensuring they are visible through the clear surface.
  2. Secure the Caps: Once filled, carefully reattach the caps to the ornaments. Ensure they are sealed tightly to prevent any spills.
  3. Shake and Distribute: Gently shake the ornaments to evenly distribute the snow or glitter inside. This step helps achieve a more realistic and appealing look.
  4. Add Hanging Element: Attach a ribbon or twine to the ornament’s cap for easy hanging. Choose a color that complements your holiday decor.
  5. Hang and Enjoy: Find the perfect spots to showcase your handmade snow-filled ornaments. Hang them on your Christmas tree, in windows, or as part of a festive centerpiece.

They also look beautiful on a Christmas tablescape



Get creative with these; you can fill them with anything that will fit in through the opening! easy-christmas-decor-snow-flakes-in-a-glass-ornament

Scatter them throughout the house, so easy and pretty!

how-to-make-these-glass-filled-ornaments-so-easy christmas-tree11-1024x819

Thanks so much for stopping in today, have fun crafting!

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  1. So beautiful, Kristin! I love that you added pearls in there, too! I need to get my Christmas craft on … thanks for the inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Lovely! I’ve been wanting to paint some bulbs, so this is a perfect inspiration. I was thinking that Epsom Salts would also make a great and inexpensive filler too.

  3. That is so pretty! I bet they’ll be gorgeous when the tree lights are twinkling!
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving my lovely friend! We have family coming to stay with us so I’ll be a maniac all week trying to make my house look presentable. Having guests is the best motivation! Hope you enjoy some time with your family!

  4. I think your ornaments are beautiful Kristin! The pearls are so pretty…what a nice touch. They’d make a lovely hostess gift, too. I would like to make some of these. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. Did the rain pass by you? We’ve had quite a bit. It’s been nice to stay inside and cook and do projects.

  5. Kristin – what a simple, sweet way to make a simple decoration into something beautiful! I love the softness of the color. It makes it look like it’s been glass etched….something else that I would like to try in the future. 🙂

    xoxo laurie

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