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DIY Bunny Banner

Spring has sprung so I made this sweet little DIY bunny banner that you can hang just about anywhere in the house.  Growing up I had a bunny, he was a huge lop eared beautiful grey bunny and he lived about 8 years. He was house trained yet would go run around outside everyday and was even buddies with my cat.  They make such great pets but are definitely a lot of work!  Maybe someday when the boys are a little more responsible we can have one of our own again.

Simple make your own bunny banner


Craft paint in assorted colors
Paint Brush
Hot glue gun
Pom poms or make your own
Ribbon or String
Easter bunny pattern


Cut triangles out of the fabric for the bunting

Download a bunny pattern, print  and cut it out

Use a pencil to trace the bunny pattern onto the fabric

How to Make a bunny banner

Paint each bunny with various shades of pastel colors

How to paint a bunny banner

Using a hot glue gun,  attach the pom pom’s to the rabbit for the tail. Next, fasten the ribbon to the bunting with the hot glue allowing a few inches between each bunny. Make sure to allow extra ribbon at the end so you can hang your banner.

DIY Bunny Banner for Easter

DIY Tutorial on how to make a bunny banner for easter

How to make a easy bunny banner

So easy to make, Happy Spring!

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