My In-Laws Remodel

~Hi Friends~

I am So happy it is Friday!  I wanted to share with you the house my in-laws bought a few years back.  When the housing market tanked my in-laws picked up this gem for a steal just 15 minutes away from us.  After they bought it they rented it out until the time was right for them to move.  Guess, what the time is right!!! Right now they are living in Illinois so our whole family is so excited to have Grandma and Grandpa close by eventually!

My Father-in-law and uncle flew out last month and worked endlessly on the house with Ray, ripping out carpet, taking off the popcorn ceiling, painting the trellis outside and so much more.  A few more trips out, some help from a contractor and lots of TLC the house is going to be gorgeous!

Here is the state it is now, it still has a ton of work but look at that potential!

Think open floor plan

By knocking out a few walls I’m certain it will be beautiful!

Depending on budget they may keep the cabinets and we can paint them or they will buy new.

If they do keep the layout of the kitchen anyone know what to do with a awkward corner sink? Seems like a lot of room is wasted.

They have two bedrooms and two baths, it shouldn’t take much to update the space, just a little TLC.

 Ray and I are excited to help them but most importantly it we can’t wait to have them near!  Oh, and it will be fun to document the journey!

Have a fabulous weekend!

 Speaking of remodeling, here is my sister’s modern kitchen just incase you missed it!

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  1. How exciting to have them move close by. The house has so much potential. Ashli (Mini Manor Blog) has a corner window/sink in her home in Canada, and it is really pretty. She has a few pictures on her blog.

  2. That is so exciting. My son just got married in May and he and his new wife bought and moved inot a home a block away from me. I am pleased as punch because not only did i get a daughter in law, she has a 5 year old ( 4 at the time of marriage) daughter. So we have a granddaughter (gulp) I am a 40+ GG ( her name for me)But it is so sweet having them so close… I know you will enjoy it as well.
    Hugs, Gee

  3. We rented a house once with a corner sink. It was my favorite kitchen layout.The view out the window was lovely and it was a great place for a potted plant. Corners always seem to be wasted space in a kitchen and putting the sink there opened up a lot of valuable counter space I can’t wait to see how this house turns out. You are so lucky to have them close!

  4. Oh how nice to have them live close by! I bet the boys are getting excited to have their Grandparents so near. Familt is so special. The house is looking great! Such a fun project for all of you.

  5. Awesome. I know the boys will be super excited. We are temporarily staying with my parents and I often find my youngest daughter laying in bed watching t.v. with my dad, which I think is so cute, especially since she’s a senior in high school and he still refers to her as the grand-baby.

    Can’t wait to see the finished remodal. Your sister’s kitchen is gorgeous too.

  6. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but in the case of your family it looks like all the apples fall from the same talented tree, and how nice that the tree will be closer.

  7. What fun to have a project that you all get to enjoy and get excited about being together.
    A kitchen designer is putting a corner sink in my daughter’s kitchen to give more counter space. I am not sure she will have the lovely window there but it will open up her very small kitchen.

  8. Ditto what Shannon said, corner sinks are great! I have on in mine, in a south east corner so I have light streaming in all day long. I frosted the bottom part of the window (with a self-adhering film) for privacy purposes, and I built up 2 tiers of potted herbs to fill the corner.

    I used identical squarish pots in different sizes depending on needs and grow basil (2 types), coriander, thyme, parsley, sage, chives, a small lavender to make me smile too. Just reach over to snip some when I need them, so simple!

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