Sarah's House

Has anyone else been watching the new Sarah’s House episodes on HGTV? I’ve been getting little peeks in here and there and am smitten!

This season her and Tommy transform a builder’s basic cookie cutter home into something spectacular! Sounds a little familiar, excepts it’s only taken us 12 years and we still are not done.

All images via HGTV

Sarah's House

Sarah's House

She has  such an amazing talent at taking the dull and turning them into bright open and beautiful spaces!

You can see the whole home tour here.

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  1. I have not been watching it but I will tune in to see it now. I just wanted you to know- I haven’t been leaving many replies because I get so many pop ups. When I start typing it goes to one of the pop ups featured. Sometimes when I x out of the pop up another one pops up behind it and then that one opens. Just wanted you to know- Have a great night! xo Diana

  2. Hi Kristen, I didn’t know Sara’s House had started in the U.S. She is my fave TV decorator. I love her style. I’ve gotta find the listing times. Thanks for letting us know. Somehow I lost the feed for your blog for a while, I’m so happy to have found you again!

  3. she has a new season out? i didn’t even know.
    oh my…i must go see if we can dvr it.
    i LOVE love her!!
    it doesn’t look like her normal decor though..or is it just me? to get some mexican food

  4. I am totally obsessed with the show! I loooooove that gray and white kitchen. I screamed at my husband to come and look at it, i loved it so much. I love most of what she does, there are very few instances where I don’t. I can’t wait until Dear Genevieve begins again too. She is another one who makes me drool.

  5. Sarah is my favorite! I’ve got to search and see when it comes on, I missed these episodes! Thanks for letting me know it’s back on. I have just about quit watching, due to all the House Hunter episodes.

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