Finally the finished loft

 ~The loft is done~
Yes I am doing the happy dance!
 This was a ton of work but when I look back at the before, I would do it all again!
Wait did I really just say that?
Kids side

My side

Before…oh that makes me cringe.


I can even deal with the ceiling fan now.


Oh the power of paint, it never gets old.
Thanks for joining me in this journey!

Console Transformation here
How I painted the bookshelves here
Back of bookshelves paint color and post here
Organizing the loft here
Styling the bookshelves post here
Rug purchased at overstock
Sofa purchased at Wold Market
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  1. DIVINE! I'm loving your desk chair with the nailhead trim — did I miss that post?
    Kudos on a stellar transformation!
    xo Heidi

    1. I love what you’ve done to your loft, your hard work really paid off! I was curious to know if you bought the nail head trimmed chair somewhere or if you reupholstered it yourself? I’d love any details about the chair you could provide. I’ve been looking for many months for a chair in that exact shape and color with nail heads. I even bought a pair at TJMaxx for $129 each. I had an upholsterer give me an estimate on recovering with new fabric and nailheads, it would be $680 per chair. I’d never spend that much to recover cheap chair.

  2. Kristin it looks FANTASTIC! What a beautiful change – you did a great job (as always). Thanks for sharing your progress along the way. I'm sure everyone is enjoying this space!

  3. Just beautiful! Paint never ceases to amaze me either! Great job it was worth all that hard work! Congrats!

  4. it's ab-so-lute-ly gaw-gee-ious! big projects are so rewarding! i'm not a blues fan but this is lovely & a color i could live with! Esther

  5. Oh yeah, the after is beautiful. Maybe you could paint the fan blades a lighter color. Great job . Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  6. Simply amazing, I just love it. You are so right, paint can make such a huge difference. I bet you just love hanging out in that space now:)

  7. Great transformation, love the power of paint! Gorgeous chair too!
    I finally backed up my blog, I kept forgetting to even after the fiasco with my blog, all that happened to me at 1:30 AM BTW!

  8. What a Transformation! It looks fantastic now with the lighter colors and new furniture arrangement. Much more open now! It's always nice to sit back and look at what you've done when you have worked that hard!
    XO Cindy

  9. Well it certainly is more stylish, fresh and happy looking in the after. I still want you to throw a mess on that desk so I really believe you work at it!

    Where did you move the armoire too?


  10. Gorgeous!! 🙂 With the new color palette and clean lines, everything looks so streamlined soft. Looks like a wonderful loft to spend time in!

  11. It looks beautiful, Kristin! Well worth the work you put into it! Isn't it funny how it looks bigger, too. I wonder if that is the lighter office furniture. I love that chair at your desk and I just love the way the bookcases turned out.

  12. First of all – so happy that your blog is back!

    Now onto the slew of compliments for that super duper dee do loft!

    Love the white with the blue behind the cabinets, the separate space for the kids (although I'm sure they'll migrate over to your space)!

    I am not a fan of fans either and can't wait to see what you replace it with – in the meantime why not paint that too! White or a fun stripe or polka dot would be fantastic!

  13. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if a magazine asked you to do a layout of this space, it's fabulous!

    Do you have a design background?

  14. We have a shelf/desk unit almost identical to that one that we're thinking of painting black. Any tips for which primer/kind of paint you used or wouldn't use again?

  15. Hi Kristen –

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. 🙂 You're such a rockstar in the blogosphere so it meant a lot.

    What a transformation!

    I saw the first pic and my initial thought was how lovely but what kind of plant is that in the corner? I LOVE IT. You didn't mention the plant unless I missed it **scrolls back up***

    Have a great weekend.


  16. Kristin- It looks fantastic and I can tell that it was a lot of work…but SOOOOO worth it in the end. I am going to be doing some projects here as we prepare to sell this house and downsize. I am dreadfully anticipating it!;>) xo Diana

  17. Amazing! Painting those bookcases just transformed that room! Love the colors and all the details. You must be so excited to be in there now!

  18. Kristin! It all looks absolutely gorgeous! So much more light and bright and just lovely. We have almost the exact same desk in our office and now my wheels are turning…hmmm…LOL! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful transformation with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  19. I think you have magical power!! wOW I'm so in love with this room Kristin.. come here and help me to do the same 🙂 eheheh… I love your works…

  20. Ahhh!!! You must be breathing a complete sigh of relief now!!! Love this space, so light and bright! Fabulous job as always my friend. XO

  21. Kristin that is a gorgeous space for you and your children…. the "white" choice was perfect for the space!

  22. The loft was good before, but is stunning now! You did a beautiful job. I need to get busy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. Really beautiful! Why don't you change the glass shades on the fan and paint the blades to your liking. It will make a huge difference!

  24. GIRL it looks BEAUTIFUL!! I love it! So open and fresh. You did a ton of work and you made it look easy. 🙂 I love lofts, such a great space.

  25. Beautiful job! That paint color you mixed for the bookshelves is perfect…couldn't get any better!! Love the chair too!

  26. You did an amazing job on your loft, Kristin! It's a great space and you made it even more fabulous. Love your colors and the book shelves…all of it is nicely put together. All of your hard work really shows. I bet the boys enjoy it, too. Happy weekend to you.

  27. Paint is awesome! Love it! Thanks for the tips below on backing up the blog…on my to-do list, for sure.

  28. It is fabulous. I have loads of wood furniture too and am contemplating painting it. One question though, your old TV cabinet, was it a matching corner one or just on an angle and have you transformed it into an armoir somewhere else in the house?

  29. Kristin, what an absolutely gorgeous yet functional space. I think you are so talented, but the thing you are best at to me is picking perfect palettes. It's just beautiful.

  30. Looks Fabulous Kristen as usual! I have that same ceiling fan and trust me it's going buh bye too. ha. Glad to see you back posting.


  31. Oh my gosh Kristin that room is beautiful…I'm in love with your inspiration chair and those bookshelves painted white are gorgeous. I really want to paint our oak bedroom furniture white but I'm so chicken. You make it look like maybe I could actually do it!

  32. This is fantastic, Kristin! It's a great use of space and it is gorgeous! I could see myself spending a lot of time on both sides!

    Love everything! 🙂


  33. Kristin your loft area turned out FABULOUS!! I agree, never underestimate the power of paint!!

  34. It is lookin' good! I agree, paint is like a little miracle in a can…I'm constantly amazed at how wonderful a thing it is! I 'liked' you on FB to follow…hope you follow me too, if you don't already. Little Bit from

  35. Oh how I love how this space came out, Kristin!! It looks so pulled together, functional, comfortable and pretty!! The little pop of blue is perfect. Thanks so much for linking it up to Before and Afters!! Happy weekend my friend.

  36. The loft looks fantastic! Oh, and ceiling fans have a purpose so embrace it. Lol. Have a great weekend!

  37. It is absolutely beautiful Kristin!! Love the colors you chose and how the whole loft has come together- it's fantastic! Love your bookshelves more and more every time I see them too! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday sweet friend! Have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

  38. It is so beautiful! I must do something with our loft area too. You have inspired me to start thinking about it for sure!

  39. This is a great transformation. You loft looks great! The softer palette makes the space so inviting.

  40. Oh. My. Goodness!! It is GORGEOUS Kristin! I am swooning over here, that is exactly how I would love my office/guest room to look. You have inspired me…I'm going back now to absorb every detail. Job well done friend!


  41. One of the best and most successful transformations I've ever seen. The painted furniture looks like completely different stuff! The kids' side is so much roomier and neater, and overall, the whole space is so much brighter, so more cheering. Love it!

  42. Oh!!! Gorgeous loft redo! The loft space was gorgeous to begin with, but your redo is the cherry on top! I agree with Traci…it looks light and airy!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    So nice to meet you! I'm popping over through Lisa's Before & After party. If you get a chance to stop by, I'd love to share with you the progress that our daughter is at with their nursery :o) Nursery time…

  43. WOW Kristin! AMAZING makeover!!! I'm super jealous of your space. It looks fantastic!

  44. I saw this featured over at At The Picket Fence and I am in love with the new look of your space. It is so much lighter and brighter. I can't get over the power of paint. Amazing!!!!

  45. Just lovely! I just finished my office remodel and I must say, not nearly as sweet as yours.

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