Bookshelves transformed

The bookshelves in the loft are DONE!!!  For a full detailed tutorial please click here. 
I started by lightly sanding the whole bookshelf and painting the backs a light blue. You can read about the back of the bookshelves here.


Using a foam roller I added one coat of Primer. I have had wonderful luck with Zinsser.  You don’t have to sand with this product but I still give it a light buff/sand.
Zinsser Cover Stain Primer/Sealer
Use a sanding sponge to buff out any drips after it has dried. Now you can start with your topcoat. Using a foam roller and a purdy brush for the hard to reach places.
I should have started a yoga month ago to prep my body for all the strange Contortions I went through to get into every inch of this desk/bookshelf. 
After the first coat has dried buff out any drips with a sanding sponge.
Paint on your second coat.
(keeping the top of the desk stained dark)
Remember the before?
So much better!
 Let them cure for about a week before styling, 
Have a fabulous day.
Here are a few more posts about the loft transformation

Console Transformation here

Back of bookshelves paint color and post here
Organizing the loft here
Styling the bookshelves post here

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  1. they look fabulous! but i know how you feel= i HATE doing bookshelves! when i finished painting ours orange and gray in november i told chris i was not painting any bookshelves for a loooong time… literally that day i had a custom order request for bookshelves and i wanted to throw up!!! i quoted her rather high because there was no way i wanted to do it! 😉

  2. Kristin, That is one big job, In fact there should be two bottles of wine up there….LOL.. the office is going to look amazing when you get done with it, Love that rug too….Have a great week and don't work to hard.


  3. Great job Kristin! I can imagine that it was a huge undertaking. They came out so pretty. I love the contrast of the blue on the backs.

    Nice work!


  4. It looks gorgeous! I am in the throes of a china cabinet and it really is so hard to get the insides! But you did a beautiful job and I can't wait to see it all put together.

  5. It's coming along. I've been known to enjoy a nice glass of wine while painting. Lol can't wait to see the reveal.


  6. Those turned out great. I know how hard they are to paint. You and I both have been drowning in paint. I love the rug. I order almost all my rugs for Overstock. Can't beat the cheap or free sometimes shipping.

  7. Wow I know this is going to look incredible! Good for you to get the dirty deed done~bring on the pretty now.

  8. I CAN'T wait to see the finished room! Those colours are gorgeous, love the blue. It's already a huge improvement. I absolutely love that rug. I should check out Overstock!

  9. You rock Kristin!!! LOVE the blue background, and what a difference for the bookcases (and desk) to be white!! I know too well what a big pain in the patootie painting that was for you because I'm right there with you painting Hannah's closet interior. A glass of wine is a necessity!! Can't wait to "see" your rug in the space. You are moving right along on this project!

  10. WOW Kristin all that hard work definitely paid off because they look FABULOUS!! I can't wait to see that whole area put back together it must look so much lighter and brighter!

  11. They turned out gorgeous Kristin! I hear ya about not liking the job, bookcases are not easy and they seem to just keep going on and on. 🙂 So worth it though and I love the rug you picked out. Can't wait to see it all together.

  12. What a big job, but so worth it! Your bookshelves look great and I love the blue backing. Can't wait to see the whole room!

  13. Hi Kristin!
    First, I hadn't wished you and your family a healthy and very good 2012!
    I was reading along (sorry for not commenting for so long) and when I saw that you where going to do this desk project, I thought, wow, she really loves to paint….hahaha, so you don't it seems, but you did an amazing job! Love the dark top, it really stands out now, and the colors together are making it looks as if it's new. You can be proud of yourself!
    Thanks for the inspiring idea's, I am really putting my painting jobs off….but seeing this makes me want to finally finish mine, I will let you know if it happen't…. Take care,
    Maureen xx

  14. Good Morning Kristin~
    They look great and I love the blue background.It may have been difficult, but so…… worth it. Your are inspiring me to finally do my China Cabinet.
    Have a great day

  15. My wine glass would have been empty, too! Wow. What a huge project. They look amazing. what did you prime them with. And I also love that you kept the top of the desk dark. Great rug.

  16. What a ginormous project. Bet you will be glad when it's over… It looks great and going to be so fresh.

  17. I so feel your pain Kristin! I was doing those same contortions this weekend painting my laundry room and hanging beadboard. Ugh…had me some wine though too! 🙂 They bookcases look absolutely gorgeous and painting the backs blue was the perfect extra special touch. It is all looking beautiful!

  18. This space is going to be beautiful! You did a wonderful job painting the desk. I know what you mean about those big painting projects though, I'm always sore afterwards from being so twisted up! I especially love the blue background, so pretty.

  19. I laughed out loud at the empty wine glass! The shelves and desk all look AMAZING – you have every reason to be proud of yourself!!!

  20. Looks very pretty! All your hard work did pay off. PS There is always an empty wine glass next to my projects, too.

  21. Laughing at the empty wine glass! I dislike painting shelves!! But your hard work paid off and the results are stunning! Can't wait to see all you put in the shelves!!

  22. You did a fantastic job, Kristin! I agree with you…book shelves are no fun to paint. All of your hard work and patience really paid off. It looks beautiful. What an accomplishment! Now the fun part! Styling them. I really love the rug!

  23. Goodness! That looked like a lot of work, no wonder you're glad to be done with it. But honestly, the end result is wonderful!

  24. Yea!!!!! Good job! It looks like that was a ton of work. You should be very proud! I can't wait to see how you style it.

  25. Ya know, I love to re-paint stuff but I hate to paint stuff (while I'm doing it). It always is worth it in the end though and your bookshelves are proof of that. Great find on the rug too! I love overstock and have many rugs and little accents from them.


  26. This is the exact same rug I purchased from overstock for my new home a couple months ago! It's gorgeous in person. The color is a slate tint blue with beautiful white damask design. I would be sure to scotch guard it like crazy before putting furniture on it. Every guest I have had over always talks about how much the love the rug, great pick!

  27. Great job! You'll love it every time you look at them, even though it was hard work!!


  28. The transformation of the bookshelves are super! We love to paint pur flea-market-finds white… or any other nice color. It can give the piece a whole new life!!

    You've done a great job! Enjoy your new furnitures!

    Have a great day!

    Hugs from Sweden!
    Elin & Emelie

  29. This is fantastic, I'm looking forward to seeing the room complete…what a big job!! But I have to say, it looks completely worth it. Janell

  30. Hi Kristen,
    Looks fabulous! I am going to be painting my family room built ins. They do have cabinet doors so I wont have to get into all the contortions that you did. I have purchased some of the rose appliques from the bella cottage interiors for the door fronts. I hope to start a blog and show my make over. Love the throw rug you have picked out.

  31. Soon as I saw the link at Inspiration Friday I headed straight over to give you a "whoo hoo!" Sorry I missed them before, they look gorgeous but I so understand what you mean about hating it. I kinda get a sick feeling every time I think about painting after the kitchen remodel.

    They are truly fabulous, I can't wait to see it all together!


  32. The blue looks great against the white of the bookcases, Kristin! Such a nice light look!

  33. Love the bookcase transformation! I do have a couple of questions as I have a bookcase I would like to redo as well. First of all, is your piece solid wood? Or it is particle board with a veneer coat on top? Secondly, what paint type, brand and color did you use as your top coat? Thank you, you have been an inspiration!

  34. I am jealous. Such a beautiful makeover. A lot of love went into this project. Thanks for sharing.

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