A few paint projects

What a fabulous long weekend.

I was able to get a few projects complete around the house and help a friend with a little painting.

 I struggled with finding a piece of art for the loft, everything I tried just wasn’t working. I finally decideed to keep what we originally had, just freshen it up a bit.




The next few pieces are my girlfriends.
What I love most about using chalk paint is we can finish a project in just a few hours, start to finish.
 No waiting around for a piece to dry, no sanding, just paint and a little girl time.





How about you did you complete any
projects over the weekend?

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  1. I see flowers in the background, I'm envious. Your loft project color looks like it was the perfect accent.

    I didn't do anything constructive over the weekend, but I have a list for today!


  2. Morning! I actually did complete a few projects and doesn't it feel good to look at what you did and say, YES! FINISHED! Thanks for sharing and have a marvelous Monday!

  3. Your projects turned out beautifully! Haven't finished any home projects for myself, but lots of signs for others. I enjoy seeing them in my kitchen until I mail them away 😉

  4. Hey friend! Those pieces look great and you bet we got some things done over the weekend. Feels so good to check things off the list doesn't it? 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  5. Very pretty, Kristin! A fresh coat of paint can always give a fresh perspective. I didn't get to as much as I would have liked to this weekend, but I have some time on my hands this week and hope to make up for it.

  6. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend! Those tables look beautiful and so does your artwork. I love those pillows on your couch, Kristin. I didn't get to paint this weekend. We did clean out the garage!

  7. Looks great! Love how you freshened up the piece of art in the loft, and I really love the pillows on the sofa!

    How fun to get to paint with your girlfriends – I'm pretty much the only one of my friends into DIY!!!

  8. Love what you did to update your wood framed artwork. It looks amazing!
    Looks like you had a fun and productive weekend!

  9. The painted frame and tables are fabulous, Kristin! I envy your nice weather where you can get outside to paint. My last painting project was on the kitchen floor on a sheet!


  10. Love the look on the tables…I must try chalk paint someday! Glad to hear you were able to get some things done. Since I was out of town, all I accomplished was alot of family time and relaxation…it was wonderful!!

  11. I did projects over this nice long weekend but not the fun kind:( My kids science projects UGH! I would have much rather been painting a piece of furniture!

  12. I got a project 1/2 finished, but it's okay, I have the details all figured out now, so it will be finished before this weekend. I LOVE the tables. They look wonderfully shabby chic. I've had a lot of anticipatory anxiety about trying the chalk paint. Since it is more expensive, I don't want any mistakes. After seeing those tables, I might just have to let loose!
    Love your loft art!

  13. I love before/after shots! I like your color choices. I painted a china cabinet and several picture frames. But my prized weekend project was my $1 No-Sew curtains that I'll be featuring in a future post once my dining room is done.

  14. Everything's come out so pristine Kristin. Okay! Did that rhyme?

    I have a study table that is in need for some paint and I'm really inspired by the soft grey. Against a fuchsia wall, that should look good. 🙂

    I've been always inspired by your blog. I hope you have a wonderful week dear friend.

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