Did I stay true to my mood board?

I am so happy the weekend is here,
I am ready for some family time.
Thank you so much for all of your comments on the loft, you have all put a huge smile on my face!
I thought it would be fun to see if I stayed true to my mood boards that I created before the loft transformation began.
My side:
loft desk side. Living room. Other
Kids Side
loft couch side. Living room. Other
 I definitely stayed true to the color pallet. 
 Although I wanted a white chair initially, when I saw the blue chair at Marshall’s I couldn’t leave without it.  Based on the chair, I made a few changes including pulling the rug to the kids side.
Once the bookshelves were painted white I realized the console needed to be something other then white so I decided to match the color of the sofa.
I actually purchased the lotus ceramic pictures from Z Gallery but once in the space it was just too much.
~So my thoughts on creating a mood board ~
A great way to pull the basic elements together to get a general feeling of  what the end result will look like.
Perfect for just playing with ideas.
Gets you past that initial “how is this going to work” feeling.
Allows you to see how everything will work together.
So yes, I think they really come in handy when planning out a space. I will definitely be creating another board for my next project. 

Have a fabulous weekend!


I have a tutorial on creating a mood board here.
If you missed the loft transformation post you can find it here.

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  1. I think you did a great job of staying on track to follow your mood board. Maybe the only thing missing is the pop of turquoise on the kid's side? You did a marvelous job on the whole loft and should be very proud of your work! xo Diana

  2. It looks great. YOu should be very proud of it – which I'm sure you are. It looks like you spent a million pounds (dollars).

  3. *backupherblogrightaway*;)…..OMG you have been really busy! but what result!!!! AMAZING! An extra livingarea, I would LOVE it!!Maybe have to get busy with my own loft….


  4. WOW is all I have to say…its not easy to create a modern room that feels warm and inviting but I dare say you have done it very well…I love it!!! x0x0 Oh and yes I would say you did stay true to your mood board!

  5. Its beautiful Kristen. I was swooning over that chair in Marshalls, to bad for me I have no place to put it. I think you did great sticking to your mood board.

  6. Your room is so pretty Kristin! I love the colors and love how you have the space for your kids and the space for you. Well done!


  7. *** KRISTIN, it looks just MAHHHHVELOUS! You did a terrific job of bringing it all together, AND, with a "certain softness" that is very appealing, especially for a woman's very special "MY SPACE"!!!

    YOU should be VERY PROUD of yourself… you earned it!!!

    Linda in AZ *
    [email protected]

  8. you def stayed true! what a fabulous loft that you are sure to spend quality time in.

    i will never tire of blue!!!


  9. Oh it looks LOVELY and I can Certainly see all the Hints of Inspiration from your Mood Board… I am really liking that desk Chair of yours… 🙂

  10. What an amazing transformation and keeping budget in mind. Great results!! Like the new facelift of the blog too. Enjoy the weekend

  11. Wonderful job!!! It looks as if you stayed very true to your style, and it paid off! such a great way to use the loft space too…those can be tricky.
    xo J~

  12. Very wonderful job of staying on track…Great pre-project planning! The chair was a great find, and you adjusted nicely.

  13. Love the reveal 🙂
    We just did a mood board for our new bedroom. (We still can't some up for a name of the eclectic style we want.)

    We're not tied to the board, rather inspired by it. So, I'm sure things will change along the way.

    Love what you did.
    ~ Dana
    Cooking at Cafe D

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