Envelope Back Pillow Tutorial


A very sweet friend of mine I met through blogging asked me to sew her a pillow.  Since I would only be sending her the pillowcase I knew I had to learn how to sew an envelope back, it was pretty simple, here is the tutorial.


Cut a piece of fabric that is the width of your pillow, plus 1 extra inch on each side. For the height add 6 inches in addition to the height of your pillow.

After the fabric is cut, hem the sides. I do this by folding the sides over a half inch and iron, then fold them over and iron again. This just gives it a more finished look.


Then sew 


 Lay fabric with the print side facing you. Fold the hemmed edges towards the center about a quarter up. (I realized since I wasn’t working with a print it might be hard to follow along so I mocked this up to give you a better example)



Lay your other piece of fabric on top with the print facing down.  Allow the top (where the envelope fold will be) to overlap about 2 inches.



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This is what it looks like with no print

I pin the two pieces together and iron, where I am going to sew so my lines, are straight. I know the more experience I have I could skip this step.

Sew and turn your pillowcase right side out.  Poke out the corners and insert your pillow.

Pretty easy!

Allison asked for the french postcard print.

  I used the same process that I used here to transfer the print.



I hope she likes it!



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