Ruffled tote and tutorial

I have been wanting to make a cute ruffled tote for sometime now.  With all the rain we had this weekend I got busy on the sewing machine.
I have lots of totes around the house I use for groceries.  I know Michael’s sells the canvas ones if your looking for something a little more sturdy.
Tear some scrapes of fabric.

Gather the fabric a few times and push it through the presser foot machine, keep going and pushing  till your at the end.
I have a step by step tutorial on easy sew ruffles here.

Pretty ruffles!

Sew those ruffles onto your tote, making sure the back of the tote is pushed at the bottom so you don’t sew your tote closed.
You can tuck the sides of the ruffles down at the ends and sew it if you want a finished look.

A pretty ruffled tote in about an hour!

Add any embellishments if you would like. I have a tutorial on rosettes here.

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  1. Very nice Kristin! and about the manicure……I had one manicure done in my entire life!
    It's sure hard to decide Home Depot or a manicure….Home Depot wins. Have a lovely rest of the day. Ciao Rita

  2. Very pretty, Kristin! I do my ruffles the same way ~ just push the fabric together as I go. I'm working on drapery panels this week and need to incorporate some ruffle aspect to a piece I'm adding on to a panel. I've got my fingers crossed that it works!

  3. so sweet and pretty
    and just about perfect for giving as a gift
    or as a gift bag to hold christmas goodies

    thanks for sharing the tute!


  4. Mercy, that is so pretty! And it looks so much easier than sewing those two lines and gathering them by hand…That takes 4-evah!

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