The Making of My Wood Sign

Happy Monday friends, today I am going to show you how to transfer print onto wood using t-shirt transfer paper, fun!



We had a nice relaxing weekend and I finished my foyer wall next to the front door!


My goal was to spend zero dollars so I knew I had to get creative.  At first I was going to print some images out and frame them but decided to make a sign out of wood instead.  I thought it would be fun to have it display the year our house was built.


The hardest part was figuring out how I was going to transfer my image onto the wood.  In the past I’ve transferred images on wood in different ways but never 100% satisfied.  This time I thought, hey I wonder if the t-shirt transfer paper would work on wood.  I tested it out and it worked!!! I was thrilled!


So friends here is the tutorial, possibilities are endless. 


I found a scrap piece of wood in the garage.  Prepped it by priming and painting white. 



I added some stain to a damp cloth and wiped it on the painted piece of wood. 



Printed out my text onto t-shirt transfer paper using a drunken sailor font and reversed the image.


Ironed it to the wood


My practice board came out great, this one left some of the paper behind as you can see on the 2001.  That’s OK I wasn’t looking for perfection.  I added some leftover trim from the kitchen project to the edges and glued it on using liquid nails. I caulked the trim and added some stain to match the rest of the sign.


 I sanded off the paper that was left behind and added a little more stain so it would blend in


So what do you think?  Not too shabby for using what I had around the house.



Thanks for stopping by!




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