DIY Twine Valentine’s Heart

Hi Friends I have fun little tutorial for Valentine’s day for you, a DIY Twine Valentine’s Heart.  I can’t believe this is my first craft for 2015, the kids are still out of school and Christmas was just put away so I am slowly getting back into the swing of things.  Although I am behind, I have to admit, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a little time off and enjoying it with family!

valentines Heart

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Baker’s Twine Multi-Purpose ScissorsCardboard or sturdy paper plate

Valentines Heart made with twine and a paper plateSimply draw a heart on your paper plate and cut it out.
Valentines Heart made with twine and a plateNext start wrapping your twine around and around and around and around, no rocket science here, go whichever direction you would like. I didn’t even secure the twine with tape or glue as it becomes very secure once wrapped a few times.
Create a Valentines Heart made with twine and a paper plate

Once you are complete, simple tie a knot and cut the end, voila you are done.  This would be super cute on a present, make a bunch of mini ones and turn them into garland, the possibilities are endless.

Easy DIY Valentine Twine Heart

Create a Twine Valentines Heart


Thanks so much for stopping in today, you can find more of my Valentines crafts right here. Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I have a huge roll of this…why didn’t I think of that? You are amazing. I’m not putting a $1 in the jar for saying the word Amazing, either. (u know what I’m referring to if you watch the bachelor 😉 ????

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