DIY No Sew Table Runner

~Hi Friends~

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!, today I am going to show you how to make a no-sew table runner, so simple!  Since my sewing machine is out of commission, this is what I came up with, you can do this!

What you need:
– Scissors
-Stitch Witchery or Heat and Bond
-Either a measuring tape or an existing table runner.
I grabbed a table runner that I already had and used it as my template since it was the perfect length.  I  placed the runner on top of the fabric and cut the fabric approx 2″ more on all sides to allow for hems. Seriously, no fancy measuring here.
I folded the cut edges over the existing table runner and ironed them to create a crease.
I pulled the existing runner out and placed a long piece of heat and bond on the fabric. Use your iron to activate the hem tape.
Let the tape cool and then pull it off.
Fold the material over the tape and press flat with your iron.  Continue to repeat the process until you are finished.
Iron out any wrinkles and enjoy your new no sew table runner! Told you it was easy!
 How to make a no sew table runner
Thanks for stopping in today.  You can see more of my fall touches around the house here.

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  1. Well, didn’t that turn out cute? I am not very good with that Stitch Witchery stuff-lol I can’t tell you how many times it has slipped and stuck to my iron. I think that fabric is really cute- xo Diana

    1. This may sound weird or funny but I use small or medium sized safety pins to create a hem on items like this. No one would ever know unless you turn it over. I can’t do the Stitch Witchery either. Just does not work for me

      1. That’s a great idea, just iron and pin. I’ll have to keep that in mind for a quick project, thanks for sharing Kasey!

  2. I love that fabric and the blue is a fun combination with orange. I have never used stitch witchery. Your runner turned out perfectly!

  3. Very cool. I was thinking about making a table runner type thing to drape over to nightstands that I want to use as a dresser side by side. This is perfect. Thanks!

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