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Turn A Picture Frame Into A Tiled Serving Tray

I’m so happy to back with you with another thrift store project, this time I’m turning a picture frame into a tiled serving tray!

dont-throw-those-old-frames-away,Turn A Picture Frame Into A Tiled Serving Tray


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Grout in a color to match the tiles

Tiles of your choice

Picture Frame

Elmer’s E7502 4-Ounce Advanced ProBond Advanced GlueOr another brand of glue that is industrial in strength

Deco Art Americana Chalky Finish Paint, Vintage

Americana Decor Creme Wax

Angle Trim Brush

Hardware if so desired

I found this picture frame for $1.50, I always love scooping up frames for a good price! Before painting, I made sure to clean the picture frame really well using a damp cloth.


I like to use chalk paint so I don’t have to prime the wood.  I simply added 2 coats of chalk paint using a angle brush and let it dry.  To protect the paint I gave it a layer of cream wax.


Next you will want to prepare the tiles to fit onto the glass. If your tiles don’t fit you will need a dry handheld tile cuter.  Lucky for us through all of our projects I had smaller pieces we had previously cut laying around.  So no cutting for me this time, but trust me it’s not difficult. Cut off any extra mesh on the ends.


Next, glue the tile pieces right onto the glass.
Once they are all glued place something heavy on them and let dry overnight.


Next you will want to grout, following the instructions on the grout container.  Each brand is a little different so watch a video if you are hesitant but it is pretty simple.

Let grout dry for a day or so.

Add hardware if you so desire, I happen to have a few extra from the kitchen cabinets!




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  1. Kristin,

    I love,love,love repurposed frame projects. I have a huge stash of frames and I’m always looking for a fun way to use them.
    Your tiled tray turned out sooo pretty!


  2. Very well done. I love it! If would love to make this and give as a gift at thanksgiving dinner, but short on $$ and time… Thank you so much for sharing the gorgeous result of your tray.

  3. This totally caught my eye! I have had some old handles I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. They would be perfect for a DIY project like this. Great work! Thanks

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