The unwanted table

Last weekend during our garage sale we had family come and sell a bunch of their items including this table.
It never did find a new home, solid wood and all. 
So it made it’s way into my friends truck for a goodwill drop.  Guess what the goodwill people did?
They denied it, can you believe that?
I owed it to the unwanted table to give it a makeover, that was the least I could do.
I just don’t think anyone saw it’s potential.

We loaded it in the car and gave it back to my sister in law yesterday.
 I used the Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Bet your SIL loved seeing her "new" table, most folks don't see the potential with brown scratched up wood – thankfully for us – so nice of you to refinish with those little curvy legs and soft blue color, she's not going to any garage sales now!

  2. Kristin, this is great!! As soon as I saw the first picture, I was thinking…ASCP!!! Who gets the last laugh now?!

  3. If I had a place to put it, I would have scooped it up! I cannot believe that Goodwill turned it down. Oh well… Their loss.

    Hope your sister likes better now and that it's found a good home!

  4. Wow, I'm amazed GW didn't take it! A few years ago I painted what was a hideous brown scratched dresser and turned it white with glass knobs and it really highlighted its details. You did an awesome job Kristin, love the color!

  5. I HAVE to get some of that ASCP! That table looks amazing now that you got your hands on it. Love it!


  6. Kristin you are hilarious – way to go, taking this poor ugly duckling and transforming her into something beautiful! If only the GW people could see her now! 🙂

  7. I love that table!
    Have you joined the Blog Hop Party yet? You can find it on my site if you want to join in!

  8. I'm actually a little surprised you let it leave your house for Good Will! Report back, I must know what your sister said when she saw it.


  9. Kristin~ Can you believe that? I never knew them to turn down furniture no matter what it looks like. CRAZY! I'll bet your sil is over the moon in love with her new/old piece. xo Diana

  10. I think that this just turned out wonderfully–congrats!!! And your new blog design is gorgeous, too :o)

  11. I can not believe the Goodwill denied this table! I go to their SPECIFICALLY looking for diamonds in the rough just like this! Imagine all the things they deny that get tossed into the trash. Well I am glad you rescued it and saw the beauty behind it! Your redo is beautiful!

  12. Simply fabulous! I would have seen potential, but never imagined it could be this cool! Great transformation!

  13. I saw the potential right away. I think it was a blessing that they denied it. I am amazed that people can't even see it's beauty when it is in that raw state.

  14. Good for you, Kristin, for saving that table! I can't believe Goodwill denied it. You did a beautiful job. It's gorgeous now! That duck egg blue is such a pretty color.

  15. I'll bet you'd get 100 people lining up for it now, Kristin! Was your SIL surprised? : ) What a great desk that would make! Such a nice big surface to work on.

  16. That is a great makeover. Some people just don't "get it" do they?!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


  17. Did you use old white with the duck egg~? I just got that color and it is quite dark! Your table came out so pretty Kristin!!

  18. Love it! Love it! It's so wonderful that you were able to see the potential in that poor little table! You totally restored it and made it GORGEOUS! Well done!

  19. I'd have bought it – I love the shape on the legs – it's be a great table for my craft room. Glad you gave it such a lovely makeover – I'll bet your sister in law was delighted!

  20. Holy COW! That is gorgeous! I am glad to see this because I just bought the Duck Egg and haven't used it on anything yet. Ooohh…now I am excited!

    And I have had Goodwill reject things I was trying to give them, too! What the heck! If your table made it to their store here I would have bought it in a second! Picky, picky for a thrift shop, no!? Lol!


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