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Hi… my name is Cynthia Weber.

Cynthia Weber in Niagara- on- the- Lake

I run a custom Interiors business with my husband Kent in the beautiful coastal villiage of Bayfield Ontario Canada and we write a blog called A Button Tufted Life where we share our client projects, Diy ideas, our love of food and entertaining as well as our travels.

I am thrilled to be here at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia today.

Kristin has a beautiful home, fabulous ideas and adorable children doesn’t she!

I am going to share a cottage project with you today. I thought it would be fitting because the wonderful couple we did it for is from California.

So… here we go…

The owners had just bought an understated bungalow as their summer getaway.

I had e-mailed with them a few times in preparation for the consult. We discussed colours and styles they were drawn to so I was able to and come with sample books in keeping with the look they were after.

As soon as I came in the front door I was instantly at home with them, I knew right away that making this space what they were dreaming of would be a labour of love.

They told me they were hoping to have the cottage completely painted for their return in five weeks time ( yes… you read that right five weeks!) but that they realized it was not reasonable to expect the draperies and furniture to be installed for that date.

I don’t have a photo but try to picture the three of us sprawled on the floor of the living room (pictured below) looking at all the fabric and paint swatches during that first meeting.

The space was painted a slick steel grey, not an unattractive colour but far away from the cottage feeling they wanted for their summer home.

We quickly found three fabrics they loved, chose paint and looked at furniture styles.

These are the fabrics we settled on.

…and these are the furniture styles they liked.

We then discussed paint.

The whole cottage with the exception of the second bathroom needed to be done. We selected colours, I measured up and went on my way to form up a design concept and quote for the project.

Here are a few more photos of the space before we began our work.

The kitchen was quite nice already, we decided it just needed paint and a few roman blinds.

The dining room had a nice view out into the backyard. We decided to paint the ceiling out to lighten and brighten the room.

The master bedroom was very dark and looked even smaller than it actually was. The ikea closets needed to stay as they provided great storage but we opted to remove one of the units so it would feel slightly less overwhelming.

I spent a day gathering and quoting and made my presentation to them. They loved the concept and wanted to move forward.

Believe it or not within a few days of meeting us they left to go back to California… after handing us the keys.

This lovely couple had put great faith in us after only knowing us for a very short time.

Kent and I set to work. I did everything I could to get their orders filled quickly.

I have come to realize I have a problem… I am addicted to “The Big Reveal”

We worked like mad people to make this come together but it was worth it!

Here are a few pictures of the completed project and an excerpt from the

e-mail they sent the evening they arrived.

Keep in mind… they were just hoping to have the panting done.

Photos by Sandra Regier

A happy client is always the goal… to have this remarkable couple become cherished friends has been a true blessing.

Here are some excerpts from the e-mail that first night they saw their cottage redone.

“Dearest Cynthia & Kent, It’s past midnight and we are exhausted, but we can’t go to sleep because we don’t want to miss a minute of the party the house is throwing for us. No, make that the party YOU have thrown for us. Every 10 minutes brings a new discovery, a new wave of appreciation, a new sense that what yo’ve wrought in just 5 weeks is nothing short of a miracle. And if you had 5 years, you couldn’t have done anything more wonderful.

We hardly know where to start, the colours, the fabrics, the workmanship…

You took a brittle ikea shell and transformed it into a cozy, inviting home that we fell in love with at first sight.

We are amazed at how hard you both obviously worked, and how much you cared about the job. It’s incredibly touching really.

We’re just not accustomed to this sort of competence, talent, dedication and caring, down to the beautiful flowers & bubbly.

thank you,

Cathy & Bill

I think they liked it!

Thank you very much for letting me be part of your day today. I hope you enjoyed it!


This is our home where we have our design studio, pop over and see us at A Button Tufted Life sometime, I would love to have you visit!

Cynthia is so talented and I love her style! She is also an ambassador for Looksi Square and is sharing some beautiful interiors today.  Head on over for some gorgeous ideas on DIY, crafting, home-keeping, and gardening!

You can also find Cynthia on Pinterest, E-Design and Our Home Tour.

Thank you Cynthia for being such a wonderful guest today!

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  1. So Beautiful!!! I just re-did our master bedroom. I was taken by the new color that is the rave right now, (indigo blue,) I paired it with a cream and it turned out beautiful. The colors in this project are beautiful. I have always loved blue. My house was decorated in blue and then it went to tuscan colors, which I love. I am so happy My Master is in blues again. I broke the rules. I know all rooms should flow. But I am happy with the way it turned out.

    This cottage is heavenly. Great job!

  2. Wow this is stunning and beautiful. How inspiring each photo left me. Thank you for sharing on Kristin’s blog today

    warm wishes

  3. Stunning results! It’s difficult to imagine that this was all completed in 5 weeks ~ I’m so happy that they were as pleased as anyone could possibly be! It’s like a different house and so warm and welcoming now. Beautiful!

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