Back porch tour ~ Cedar Hill Ranch~

I’m so honored to be here guest hosting for Kristin today.  I love Kristin and her gorgeous blog. I sure wish she lived closer; we could do some serious shopping. But first things first, let me introduce myself.  

I’m Anita from Cedar Hill Ranch where we do Texas Living with a French Accent.

Come on and have a seat here on my back porch, here in Round Top, Texas.  You take a seat on the daybed and I’ll grab a rocker.  Would you like some sweet tea?  How about a brownie?

When we built our house here I wanted a Texas-sized back porch, and I got one. It’s 600 sq. ft. of outdoor living.  Just about now the bluebonnets are blooming and there’s a soft breeze most days.

We spend as much time outdoors as possible.  I use different parts of the porch for different times of the day.  

I’ve got the “dining room” set up for dinner. 

This is the best seat in the house to watch the sunset during a late evening meal. 

A pine china cabinet full of dishes, means I don’t have to go inside to grab plates for dinner.  I use the daybed for hanging out with friends like you, and for taking an occasional nap. 

We added a non-working electric chandy that we converted so it could be used with candles, click here to see how I did it. 

On the other side of the porch the “breakfast nook” seats 4. We have breakfast here or on the front porch. 

During a recent party, the back porch was a favorite place for guests to hang out, click here to see more.  I made homemade bunting for the back porch for a festive feel. Can you see the bluebonnets in the distance?

I love to cook out outdoors, so I often bring my electric skillet outside and do my cooking on this Ikea stainless steel table. 

A small pie safe acts as a side table next to the daybed and provides much needed storage.

I just love the view from the back porch, especially during bluebonnet season. 

I’m so glad you stopped by.  I sure hope you’ll come visit again.  If I don’t answer the door, I’m back here.  

Thank you Anita for sharing your beautiful porch with us today! If I am ever in Texas I am stopping by for some of that sweet tea! Want to see the rest her beautiful ranch, click here.

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  1. WOw! This porch and the views are both breath-taking! I wonder how you ever manage to sty indoors with sucha gorgeous space! I’m hopping over to your site soo! Thank you for the intro Kristin!

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