I need your advice ~Kitchen corner cabinets~


I need some advice, I have been stuck on the design of our two corner upper cabinets.  This will give you the look we are after with the stacked cabinets.


The designer put in 2 corner cabinets that are angled so you can utilize all the space.  The problem is I’m not sold and it is driving me nuts. The  pictures below will give you an idea of what the corner cabinets look like in-case you are not familiar with them.

Floors are perfection


Camden Maple Corn Silk


Villa Maple Black with Heirlooming Option


The rest of the pictures do not have angled corner cabinets.

Anthropologie Styled Gourmet Kitchen


lit, glass-front upper cupboards Lewis & Weldon


Sierra Vista Maple Cognac Kitchen


Here is a corner cabinet but stacked.


Any advice, input, thoughts would be so appreciated, this is stressing me out and we have to put the order in by Monday.  You guys are the best, thank you!!!

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  1. Go with the non- cornered cabinets. They look 1980’s. The square cornered ones grasp the idea of modern heritage.

  2. I have had the cornered ones before and didn’t care for them. Things get lost along the sides where you can’t see. The cabinets without the cornered cabinets look more up to date to me also. Good luck!

  3. I don’t like the look nor the function of the corner cabinet. However, you will have blind cabinet space that isn’t very usable. I use mine to store my Christmas dishes and serving pieces since I only need to get to them once a year, but it is like standing on my head to get them in/out.

  4. I have had both and would go for square. I loathe anything angular. I would rather have wasted blocked in space vs space where I can’t reach everything.

  5. There are many factors that come into play, your gut feeling, your preferences, your ceiling height, your counter shape, the shape of your kitchen.
    I’ve lived with both types of cabinets, the corner cabinet will always be around, for many reasons, one being a farmhouse type kitchen. Often times, the corner cabinet will fit in this setting. If you can afford the space it can be used for display. Either type of cabinet you will have blind space (most likely).
    One thing that I consider is how my counter top is or will be in that corner, if my cabinet is a corner, I would like my counter-top to follow the same line, otherwise I don’t like the look of the cabinet and the counter to be different. I hope this helps maybe a tiny bit, but if you’re not sold on the corner cabinet and that’s your gut feeling, maybe you should go with that.

    I hope all the best for you….Co 😀

  6. Looks-wise the angled corners are out. I agree with the commenters who said to go with your gut on that–you already know you’re not digging the angled corner cabinets.

    Additionally, as another commenter pointed out, you do still have some blind spots in the angled cabinet to the right and left sides. Plus, an angled cabinet overhangs your counter a bit more.

    Go with what you like to look at and keep nothing or rarely used things in that back space. Maybe you want to consider which cabinet will have the blind space.

    Best wishes!

  7. I have had both, prefer the non-angled!! Has a cleaner and more traditional look in my opinion. Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  8. I have corner cabinets and don’t care for them. I’m 5′ 5″ and can only reach to the back of the bottom shelf. Unless items are positioned right in front, they seem to get lost in the deep, black hole in the back. If I had it to do over again, I’d certainly not choose the corner version. I think you should be totally sold on a corner cabinet before choosing that option. Whatever decision you make, I’m sure your kitchen is going to be gorgeous. though.

  9. Having said I don’t care for them, one caveat. I did see one corner cabinet I fell in love with in a small B&B. It had glass doors, was lighted and used strictly for display. It wasn’t utilitarian, but it did make a beautiful display.

  10. I have the corner cabinet ONLY on top. We had a three tiered lazy susan installed in it, and that made a huge impact. I use it to store misc. glasses/cups/etc. I kinda wish we had one on the bottom, ONLY because our designer did keep the space open under the corner, but you can only access it from the straight cabinet if that makes sense. It is IMPOSSIBLE to reach things stored in the back! If I had to do it again, and chose corners for both, I would be sure that some type of pull out system was installed on the bottom.

  11. I very much do not like my corner cabinets – I would go with your gut and say no. They are awkwardly shaped – deep – and difficult to use.

  12. I have stacked corner cabinets, lighted and glassed front. Loved them at first, (10 years ago) hate them now. To me, they look dated. I’m never satisfied with the display in them, and they do have a lot of wasted space. However, in the pantry/storage part of my kitchen I have the squared off ones and I have to get a stepstool and practically crawl inside to get to anything. (I keep my Christmas dishes there so I only have to do it once a year!) Bottom line-go for what looks visually appealing to you because you will look at it hundreds of times a day!

  13. Hmmm…. I guess I’m just getting old…. I like the stacked angled cabinets! 😉 I don’t like the square ones because everything that gets in the back (side) is hidden forever – unless you remove all the stuff in the way. Sure you could just store stuff back there that is rarely used, but to me cabinet space comes at such a premium (I have a lot of “stuff”), it seems such a waste to have areas you can’t get to without tearing it all apart! My favorite look is off white Thomasville one with the glass doors with the drawers underneath. In that case, I would actually have the countertop follow the outline (angle) of the cabinets! Oh my – what I would do to have a kitchen like that one!
    So, you can see that with 100 people responding, you will probably get at least 50 different opinions! Hahaha! Good luck choosing – I’m sure whatever you decide on will be absolutely lovely! Can’t wait to see it!

  14. I have a corner cabinet with a glass door. (The other doors are solid.) The bottom of the corner cabinet is flush with the adjacent cabinets on both sides but it is taller. Hope that helps!

  15. We have moved a whole lot, and we’ve had all kinds of corner cabinets. Right now we have the angled on top, squared off on bottom. I lose a lot of storage on bottom because of that, but storage is at a premium in our kitchen. At a previous home, we had the squared-off version, and each cabinet had lazy susans in them so we could access everything. It was the most efficient use of the space IMHO.

    I say go with your gut on this one.

  16. I’m not a fan of the angled corner cabinet. I know it utilizes the space the best, but I love the look of a squared-off corner. Can you do a blind with stacked cabinets? Where you have access to reach into the back corner of the visible cabinet? We just left our corners hollow, for the sake of me being happy visually. 🙂

  17. I looked at the pictures BEFORE I saw your problem/issue. I fell in LOVE with Thomasville (and quickly called my husband to look at The One I’ve been looking for).

    Then I read your problem/issue. Going back and looking at the pictures again, I can see why it would be a problem, but looking at ‘Thomasville Love’, the corner cabinet with glass is both decorative and functional (although it wouldn’t be utilized on a daily basis at my house as such).

    Currently, in one corner of our kitchen, instead of a corner cabinet, we have DEEP upper and lower cabinets. I practically have to crawl in them to get out the occasionally used cake plate or meat platter. A corner cabinet would be easier access.

    Good luck to you.

  18. Kristen…
    I have had both and worked in kitchen design for a while. The angled cabinets are nice and deep and easy to put a lazy susan inside for spices or medicine. I find them very useful and an accent door with glass looks nice on them. I have had square also and the door was hinged in the middle and a little awkward to open all the way. The corner squared door looks a little less bulky and consistent with the rest of the kitchen. I’m not helping but there is a benefit to both. I like symmetry so if you have two corners that match – I would go with angled with glass fronts. Good luck!

  19. I guess I’m the odd one out, as I dislike cabinets where I have to have elastic arms to get things in and out. I would go with the corner cabinet, leaving it as open shelves. I’d have the back of the cabinet brought forward (or a false back), wasting the actual back corner, but making it nicer to display things.

  20. I currently have a corner cupboard and have always liked it. We are in the planning stages of our remodel and I’m not sure with the layout what is going to happen in our corners but I personally love pictures 1 & 2 with the corner cupboards that are not stacked.
    1) Streamlined (not stacked) makes for clean and simple lines, eyes not having to adjust to so many variations…less is more.
    2) Even though there is a lot of “space in the back” of corner cupboards we all have things we need to store that aren’t always used and this is a great spot for those items. (Carafes, pitchers, extra coffee mugs, etc.)
    3) Possibly a decorative glass option in this corner cupboard for displaying keepsake cookie jars, platters.
    Just not a fan of stacked as I do believe this is a fad that will soon fade.
    Good Luck!!!

  21. I strongly prefer the look of square cabinets. I cannot put my finger on what I dislike about the look of corner cabinets, but the best way I can describe my reaction to them is that they seem outdated to me. For some reason, I think of Designing Women and the 80s when I see the angled cabinets. BUT, if you need extra storage space, I think a few of the photos (like the first one) show that the corner cabinets can look pretty, so I would say go for it. If you have plenty of cabinet space to work with, I would stick with square. That’s just my two cents. Can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out!

  22. First of all I would say either will look amazing in your kitchen. If you are wanting to take advantage of every square inch of your kitchen then go for the corner cabinets, you can get a lot of storage in them. But, saying that, I love the look of the non angled cabinets. They look neater and more streamlined, which is the look I like.
    Go with your gut as others have said.

  23. My cabinets are custom made by my husband. The corner cabinet has a ” lazy Susan” interior. It’s easier to reach items cause I’m very short. All other cabinets have adjustable shelves to accommodate boxes of different sizes of cereal. The very top shelves are used for storage.

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