Turn An Old Sweater Into A Beautiful Pillow

Fall is here which means it’s time to get the house warm and cozy,  so why not turn a old sweater into a beautiful pillow! Making pillows out of old sweaters is easy to do, is extremely cheap and makes your home extra inviting!

Turn An Old Sweater Into A Beautiful Pillow, great step by step tutorial!


Note:I found a sweater dress which I think is much harder to find then a sweater.  My directions below are for making a pillow out of a sweater.  The only difference was I had 2 seams instead of 3 to sew and I cut below the waistline instead of below the neckline.


Turn the sweater inside out.

Cut right at the armpits below the neckline.

Place your pillow form onto your sweater, I happen to have a insert that had the exact dimensions width wise, so I can get away with only sewing 2 sides.  Line up one edge of the form with a side of the sweater, this way you are only sewing 3 sides instead of 4.

Measure around the pillow leaving about a 1 inch margin to sew. Mark and cut the sweater.

Sew the edges together on each side, leave one edge slightly open so you have enough space to insert the pillow form.

Turn your sweater right side out

Stuff the pillow form into the case and pin along the edge and continue to sew the last edge closed.


Turn a old sweater into a cozy pillow , great step by step tutorial!

Throw them on your couch or chair and call it a day, I can’t wait to make more!
Turn a old sweater into a cozy pillow , great step by step tutorial!

Not only does this add warmth to the room, they are super inviting, your guests wont want to leave.

Don't throw away old sweaters turn them into cozy pillows!

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Turn a sweater into a pillow

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  1. Kristin,

    You make it look so easy to turn a sweater into a pillow! I hate sewing, but I think this looks doable even for me.

    super job, so pretty!


    1. Thanks Kathy, I was looking for a long long needle so I could give it that tufted look, I know I have it somewhere, I’m sure I’ll find it next year LOL

  2. Wonderful job turning sweater dress into gorgeous pillow. Whenever I go into thrift stores, especially this time of year I look at sweaters then tell myself – nah, don’t think would turn out for me – duh! Time for me to stop being a chicken and go for it. Think would be nice to have sweater pillow.You have inspired me, thanks. Will look for good pillow sweater tomorrow if I get chance to go into thrift store. It’s time to face my fears.
    Have great weekend

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