Stamped tea towels using leaves

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought I would try making some Handmade Tea Towels stamped with leaves as a hostess gift.  Whether you decide to use them for spilled milk or for serving your favorite tea, you can never have enough of these handy  little towels.

I decided leaves would be the perfect stamp for Thanksgiving as I love the wonder of nature.

Tea Towels, pre-washed
Small Paint Brush
Fabric Marker
Alphabet Stencil
Fabric Paint

Simply coat your leaf with paint, wipe off any big globs by stamping a piece of paper first.  If you like the way it looks you are ready to stamp your towel. Place the leaf on your towel, and apply a little bit of pressure so that the paint sinks in.

If your stamp leaves to much white space on the towel, you can fill it in with a paintbrush, you can also do the same if too much color showes up using a white marker.

Next I grabbed my alphabet stencil and fabric marker and traced the word thankful.

This is a great project to do with any plain dishtowels or tablecloths and makes the perfect hostess gift.  You could also create patterns on a tablecloth to complement your dishes, get creative and have fun!

Speaking of Thankful, I am pretty darn thankful to meet up with Vanessa from At The Picket Fence this week.  What an amazing person with a heart of gold, funny, loving, warm and beautiful!  After almost 4 years of being  blogging buddies it was so wonderful to finally meet her in person and give her a great big hug, thank you for your friendship Vanessa!  Hopefully I will see you at SNAP!

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  1. Cute and simple. I like that you can choose your own cloth – as some I like better than others. The stencil can be personal, too. I love nature, also – so I would choose a leaf or even a twig. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is a wonderful idea and so pretty! It is a perfect hostess gift. I like to give our neighbors a little something over the holidays. It would be fun to make a little loaf of homemade bread to give along with this sweet tea towel. Thanks for the inspiration Kristin!

  3. Cute idea. That’s cool that you two finally got to meet. I’ve met some really cool people online that I’ve had a chance to meet in person. That’s always fun.

  4. Awwww…I’m cruising along reading your post and thinking how darn cute these towels are and then I get to the bottom and see my name!!! Thanks again sweet friend for hanging out with me in your neck of the woods and I REALLY hope you decide to go to SNAP! 🙂

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