Painted Ombre Vase

Lately I have been loving everything Ombre, the dark-to-light finish creates such a gorgeous yet subtle contrast!

I grabbed some of my acrylic and Martha Stewart paints and began mixing until I came up with a color I loved.

I gave the vase a good wipe down with rubbing alcohol

I painted a strip  around the vase then added a second coat a few minutes later.  I then added a couple more drops of white to the mix and Repeated my steps for my next strip.  I started with the darkest color on the bottem and the lightest on the top, just a personal choice.

IMG_7430 IMG_7431

Seal it with some modge podge and let dry overnight.


I picked some flowers from the yard, such a easy project!

~Have a fabulous weekend~

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  1. So pretty! I have to give this a try. I have lots of paint on hand. Love the blues you used. Hope you had a lovely Saturday Kristin!

  2. Kristen, this is SO pretty…I love the blues and the pink flowers looks just gorgeous in this vase! I’m thinking gift idea with this!! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing and pinning – have a fabulous week!

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