Simple And Natural Fall Home Tour

Happy fall and welcome to our very simple and natural Fall home tour, I am so happy you are here! If you are here from Atta Girl Says, welcome.  A huge thank you to Kristi from Chatfield Court for coordinating this years Welcome Fall Home Tour, make sure to check out the full line up at the end of the post, you will find all sorts of wonderful inspiration!

My husband and I headed out of town over the weekend for a much needed getaway, I had all my pictures up for today I just had to write my post and click publish and then it hit me!  How do I sit and write about decorating with all that is happening around us, it all seemed pointless, this one hit way too close to home.  Friends and family in Vegas, many at the concert running for their lives, they made it out, friends of friends did not,  such a tragic senseless act.   I pray for the injured, the distraught, the families grieving loved ones, my heart, my love, my prayers are with all of you! Let’s choose to love instead of hate and help spread light and love far and wide.

Creative ways to decorate for fall using what nature brings us

If you have been with me for all of these years you will see I have slowly been cutting back on the decor, everything is pretty simple as I crave less “stuff” and strive for more simplicity.  I opened up the hot musty attic,  opened up the boxes that had not been opened in over a year took a deep breath and closed them back up.  I brought down 1 box, the box with the faux pumpkins and wheat.  ~THAT WAS IT~ I decided to walk outdoors and use what nature has to give us and purchase real pumpkins and mums that will last for months.  In our kitchen, I scattered a few pumpkins  mixed in with some red pears and wheat, and it instantly felt like fall.


Creative ways to decorate for fall using what nature brings us


Creative ways to decorate for fall using what nature brings us

Creative ways to decorate for fall using what nature brings us

I don’t think I have shared this hallway since we added the barn doors to our laundry room, I have since added a weekly calendar so we know exactly what we have going on each and every day.  I simply headed outside and clipped some branches from a eucalyptus tree, no fuss and very simple.

Creative ways to decorate for fall using what nature brings us

I erased our chaotic schedule so I could pretend for just a day we had nothing going on.

And yes, this hallway still has not been painted to match the rest of the house, it’s only been 4 years!

Creative ways to decorate for fall using what nature brings us

Our great room is where we hang out, watch movies, spend time with friends and family so the need for creating a warm, cozy space is important. Adding natural elements around the fireplace with a gentle reminder to give thanks is all it takes (oh and lots of cozy blankets when the cooler weather actually does hit).


Creative ways to decorate for fall using what nature brings us

Rustic fall mantel andCreative ways to decorate for fall using what nature brings us

Rustic fall mantel and super Creative ways to decorate for fall using what nature brings us

Do you notice the hair band on the right of the speaker on the top, funny, didn’t notice until I uploaded the picture

stacked stone brick fireplace decorated for fall

I created a fall tablescape and 4 free water color printables that you can find right here.

beautiful fall tablescape and 4 printables you can use for free

4 free water color wreaths you can print out at home for free

As we head outdoors, I scattered a few real pumpkins and plants to make the front of our home more welcoming. I decorated the front door with Lynch Creek Farms  gorgeous Bronze Magnolia wreath . Mixed with southern magnolia leaves, bay leaves, faux berries, white pine, noble fir, cedar, and ponderosa pine cones and a functioning LED lantern, it really doesn’t get much more beautiful!

gorgeous fall wreath will magnolia leaves and lantern, so pretty!

 The best part about Lynch Creek Farms  is the story behind the company. They started out with an organic farm back in 1984, where they sold their goods at the Olympia Farmers Market.  What started out as a hobby  has turned into a successful business for them.  They use only local farmers and they do not cut down trees!   Be sure to stop by their website where they  offer so many gorgeous items for the upcoming holidays!

gorgeous fall wreath will magnolia leaves and lantern, so pretty!


small front porch decorated for fall


In our backyard I once again used only what nature had to offer; mums, flowers and  pumpkins.


beautiful outdoor stacked stone fireplace

beautiful outdoor stacked stone fireplace beautiful outdoor stacked stone fireplacebeautiful outdoor stacked stone fireplace


simple and elegant fall home tour

Thanks for joining us, be sure and stop by the rest of my amazing friend’s tours, simply click the links below to check the tours today and the rest of the week!  Up next  is the very talented Nancy from Artsty Chicks Rule!


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  1. I agree with you, Kristin, such a truly sad time. My heart just aches for so many at this moment, prayers to all. It’s nice to have a little pretty to pepper into the mix though, a place to escape and your home is just that ~ lovely.. Enjoy your vacation…and ps…love the hairband! It’s those real life moments that bring a smile to my face.

    1. Thank you Kim for stopping in, means the world to me 🙂 I’m sure one of the boys launched it at some point, it’s a daily occurrence here at our house.

  2. So pretty – and I love all the natural touches! Yes, it is so hard to not think about this tragedy in Las Vegas. So much sadness. I found that it does help to look at pretty things to escape the craziness of the world. We have to remember that there still is beauty in the world…we just have to look harder to find it lately…

    1. You are absolutely correct, still so much good and love in this world and beauty is all around us! Thank you for stopping by, xo

  3. So much to say. It was a tragic day and it just feels wrong to go on with life as usual. But stopping to reflect on the important things is a good way to cope. Also enjoying creation. I love that you used nature. That is my favorite seasonal decor and you did it beautifully!

  4. Love your beautiful home decorated for fall, Kristin, but I love the sentiments behind your post most. I don’t think I could have said it any better. Thanks so much. I appreciate you taking part in the Welcome Fall Home Tour.

  5. hi kristen, thanks for sharing your fall home and your heart. I too find it hard to put all the pretty stuff out there on my blog when everything else in the world lately is hard to watch and follow. sometimes i think the blogs i read help to heal and for just a moment make us forget. hope you enjoy your time with your hubby.

  6. Kristin – so glad your friends are safe after the horrible shooting, but heartbroken for the friends of friends and all those who did not survive. Senseless!
    I love the beautiful simplicity of your home tour. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but that wreath took my breath away. I’m definitely checking them out.

  7. Good morning, Kristin. Your home is just gorgeous! I love the place setting. And that wreath… to live for! When evil raises it’s ugly head, it’s always nice to have a cozy, bautiful home to retreat to as a safe haven, both for mind and body. Take care.

  8. Kristin, I just think your home is gorgeous in every season. The way you’ve incorporated fall using simple natural elements and textures is wonderful! I love that wreath. 😉

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