Rustic Elegant Fall Home Tour

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Today I’m sharing our rustic elegant fall home tour…….with a twist!   l’m going to let you in on a little secret,  our home is never 100% ……so I’m keeping it completely real!

You know those yummy-looking sometimes unhealthy meals I share, the somewhat cute crafts, the room reveals, the home tours, notice you never see the first and second floor at the same time.  Well, today, you get a behind the scenes look at the mess behind the sometimes pretty pictures I try my best to create for you.

Rustic Elegant Fall Home Tour

I was on a huge budget this year which means zero budget so I worked with what I had unless it was fresh flowers or pumpkins/gourds.

Rustic elegant fall home tour

 For the fireplace this year, the only thing purchased was little white pumpkins and squash from Trader Joe’s.  When we originally completed  our kitchen (the first time before the mold) I had purchased these cute nesting crates which have since landed outside in a pile of junk. I salvaged the Thyme box and added the cute pumpkins.  I thought with a little rustic charm should come a little glimmer so I brought out the metallic pumpkins.

Rustic fireplace decorated for fall, love the wooden box of guards

Guards and pumpkins stacked for a great fall vignette

Fireplace mantel for fall, rustic and elegant

Before we move into the kitchen,  I will say, my husband and I clean the kitchen every night after dinner!  I can’t stand waking into a dirty kitchen in the morning.  I like to stumble in, 1 eye opened and wait patiently for my coffee to finish. So yes, I do wake up to this every morning however, within an hour and a half, well, you will see.

A simple bowl of fruit for a fall kitchen display

A bowl of fruit and a tiny white pumpkin makes for a beautiful fall display in any kitchen, simple and easy, a perfect combination!

Fall in the kitchenNow here is the reality of it all. It’s 7:30 am kids just left for school, I have packed lunches, made breakfast,  made sure homework is complete and signed, taken 2 round trips to and from school and told them I love them like million times because life these days scares the crap out of me.  So when I come back I haven’t finished putting away dishes, Nate’s work is still in progress on his tiki mask, glue gun out from a christmas ornament you will see on Wednesday and yes, I’m still not done.   Hammer, hmmmmm, really not sure, dog treats so they will go potty in the morning because they are spoiled  and who knows what else.  It’s called life, family and love and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Heading into the dinning room, a faux pumpkin and wreath decorated the buffet and a few sparkly pumpkins I  scattered inside, again simple!

Buffet with wreath in the middle so simple and pretty

If you are not able to buy real pumpkins you can always purchase faux ones here, they last  a lot longer too!

Simple buffet with pumpkins and owlsFor the centerpiece I created something in 10 minutes, you can find that tutorial here.  I’ll  be sharing our Thanksgiving tablescape next week.

Easy 10 minute Fall centerpiece

OK and once again, the reality shot.  This is what the dinning room looks like pretty much everyday until kids bring their laundry upstairs because that is one thing I won’t do.


Outside you will find more pumpkins surrounding the rustic fireplace we completed this past summer.   Being in a drought here in California I can promise you those pretty mums are on their last leg.

How to Build A DIY Rustic Pumpkin Stand

And just for the fun of it, how about some more behind the scene shots.  Neighbors dog looking out the window waiting for mom to come home.

Sophie loving the warm rugs just taken from the dryer and more projects in the works for Christmas, yes Christmas.


 So there you have it,  I pretty much just shuffle crap from one corner to the next so I can get that perfect picture for you, your welcome! So please, don’t ever get caught up in the beautiful pictures of perfect homes and think that it’s always like that because it’s not.  

Now, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a glass of wine or 2 and go have a look at all these fabulous fall home tour’s with a little dose of reality tucked away in each!  Enjoy, I know you will.


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lazy girls fall home tour keeping it real

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  1. I love your home Kristin, and seeing bits of “reality” makes me love it all the more. A real home where kids are being raised can still be beautiful even with piles of laundry! I miss you and need to visit you here more. You are a breath of fresh air!

  2. It’s always comforting to see other’s reality isn’t far from our own. I was actually saying out loud as I saw your sparkling clean gorgeous kitchen counters…”where’s the stuff? there’s no stuff on those counters!” hahaha. Thanks for being real and posting “the other photos”! And wowzer, those kitchen counters are dreamy!

  3. I am so jealous of your willpower to clean your kitchen every night! Mine looks like an episode of Hoarders. I am also jealous that you are ambitious enough to fold laundry. Mine is sitting in baskets… I think you have helped me come to the conclusion that I need a housekeeper. Haha! Anyway, your house looks great and I love all of the touches of fall!

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