Silver and White Christmas Tree

Today I am so excited to be sharing my Silver and White Christmas Tree as part of the Balsam Hill’s 12 Bloggers of Christmas Series!

Picking out a Christmas tree for our home has always been a family tradition for many many years. I remember as a little girl, we used to all pile up in my mom’s station wagon and head up to the mountains to pick out the perfect tree. We would come home and decorate as a family.  My dad would tell us to hang the tinsel one at a time and not in bunches. Oh how that would annoy me but today, it’s those little things that make me miss him even more.

When I moved out of my parents home for the first time I drove to a hardware store and picked up my own tree to decorate.  It was a little differen’t then the mountains but hey, I had a tree and it made me happy.

Now having a family of my own picking out a tree has become something we have enjoyed every year.  Last year was a different story.  The boys had no interest in picking it out, they just wanted to get down to the good stuff; decorating, can you blame them?  I grabbed the car keys and off to Costco I went, the guys threw a tree on top of my car and I drove it home. Oh how they grow up so fast.

So when Balsam Hill asked if I would like to review one of their beautiful trees, I couldn’t say YES fast enough.


Having never had a fake tree before I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to put together. Oh my goodness, it was easy peasy! We just put the three pieces together and it was up.  The boys and a wonderful friend helped me fluff the branches for a little while and all of a sudden I stood back and there it was; a gorgeous tree sitting in our family room all ready for us to decorate!

You want to hear one of my favorite things about this tree?

~Prelit lights~

I love decorating a tree, I just can’t stand putting the lights up.  With this tree they have a in-trunk lighting system, just plug and go, AMAZING!!!

Want to know what my second favorite thing was?

~Bendable branches~

You know how it is, the ornament doesn’t hang quite right or you have to hide a big bald spot, not with this tree. I just simply moved the branch so my ornaments sat perfectly where they needed to be!

It is the pups new favorite spot.

This tree looks so incredibly real and even feels real.  You would never know we didn’t drive up to the mountains and cut our tree down for Christmas.

You want to hear the best part?  This Sunday Balsam Hill is giving away $1800 in giftcards, with these 12 fabulous bloggers, that is HUGE!



Make sure you don’t miss out on all the fabulous tree’s. The very talented and wonderful KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms is sharing her gorgeous and colorful tree today.  I am loving those pops of pink!


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Don’t forget the Holiday House Walk is in full swing, make sure you stop by for all the fabulous tours!

Thank you so much for taking a little time out of your day and stopping in today, I greatly appreciate it! Happy Holidays!

 Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however, Balsam Hill did provide me with the most fabulous Christmas Tree! All opinions are my own.

And A great big smooch to my friends over Vanessa and Heather At The Picket Fence!

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  1. Kristen,

    Love, love, love your tree! What a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas! And your cute pup is adorable!

    Happy, happy tree day to you!

  2. Love your beautiful tree, and the puppies are so sweet!
    You are so fortunate that they are content to sit and watch…my crazy Posie cat has to be right in the middle of everything!!! I’m afraid our chances of a Christmas tree this year are slim to none!!!
    Blessings to you,

    1. They follow me around all day lucky they are pretty mellow. When the white one was a pup we couldn’t have any ornaments on the bottom 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Your tree is so beautiful Kristin! My parents did the same thing with the tinsel when we grew up. One strand at a time! We would get bored with the tinsel and start throwing a whole handful on at a time. So funny but such special memories. I remember that reindeer ornament! It looks so pretty on your tree. Your puppies are so adorable.

  4. Kristin!! That tree is gorgeous!!! I love all of the silver and white and I LOVE that you picked one that is tall and narrow (those are my favorite) and you decorated it just so beautifully. Only thing that could make it better is if I could come over and have coffee with you and sit and stare at it. 🙂
    Well done friend!

  5. So beautiful Kristin! I adore the silver and white. Isn’t it amazing how “real” the trees look and feel?! You created a gorgeous tree, thank you for sharing it with us! And “smooches” right back to ya! 🙂


  6. The tree is beautiful, Kristin. We always get a live tree but I’d love one for the family room that I could pop up and do a type of theme. The silver and white is gorgeous and yeah, I hear you on the lights!!


  7. That is one beautiful artificial tree, Kristin! And, yup, bendable branches rock! You all did a fabulous job decorating it … love your ornaments. And, your pups seem to approve, too! Happy Holidays, friend!

  8. I love your icy, snowy looking tree! I’ve got a tree from Balsam Hill on its way to my house too (also my first ever artificial tree), but it’s stuck in customs and can’t get across the border!! Ack! The agony! Oh well, I’ll just enjoy yours until my tree finally gets here!

  9. Kristin- THAT is GORGEOUS! Do you know I won a wreath from Balsam Hill on a blog giveaway? It is a beautiful wreath and looks so real. I am still looking for the perfect place to hang it.

    I love your silver and white combination! That is what I was going to do this year before our little guy got so sick-then I decided to just drag out what I had for one more year. Next year I will change things up as I give all these ornaments to my son-that will be starting a whole new home for himself.

    I am SOO SOOO glad your dog is white so it blends in perfectly with your decor. I would hate to see you spray painting the poor little thing so it matched your decor.

    I have one little “secret” for you- Look for a spray can of THYMES (brand) Frasier Fir and spray a bit into your tree. It makes it smell REAL-none of that sickening sweet “perfumed” spray like so many of them are. People always think our tree is real because of that smell.

    Have a wonderful day. I have a sweet little someone taking a nap upstairs today (many thanks to you)- Love to you- Diana

  10. Funny story: I’m not saying I “recommend” this… but I ordered the woven window shade before we decided to re-case the window. Do you see where this is going? Yup. It was too big. Well, we decided we didn’t have anything to lose since it was custom ordered, and we rolled it up super tight, tied it up (several inches in from the ends), and shortened it with the chop saw. And it worked!

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