Another thermastat ~poof gone~

Call me crazy but I took the gallery wall down that I spent days on last year.
I’ll be honest, I’m not a very good duster and all  the little tremors we get here in San Diego helped in my decision to get rid of it.
So here is what I’m left with:
 A thermostat stuck in the middle of the wall, not even centered.  I swear, the builders need to consult with more females before putting the finishing touches on homes.
In the exact same hallway, the thermostat could have been tucked out of sight with the outlet right here:
So here comes buddha person, a freebie from a friend.  I like the buddha but had better plans for him (sorry).
After taking the backing off I new it would work, lots of empty space!
Cute picture of the boys!


I know what your thinking, isn’t it a pain to get to your thermostat?  Not really, the frame is super lightweight and the thermostat is at the bottom of the frame so I just slide my hand under. 
We barely use our heat upstairs in the winter, just lots of extra blankets when we are sleeping. 
We turn the heat on in the morning downstairs for about an hour when we wake up and have it set to 68 degrees.  That alone brings our bill up about $100 every month so we are very frugal when using our heater.
Little by little I’m getting rid of all the protruding items that barely get used in our home.
You can find this tutorial here.
~Have a fabulous day~

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Can’t wait to show you what decal I ordered.

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  1. Such a clever idea Kristin! I'd rather have a cute picture of your adorable boys to stare at versus the thermostat any day!! Thanks for sharing your tips on keeping your heating bill low. Heating the house in the winter can be costly!

  2. Love it! I've done the same in a previous home and with an automatic timer on a thermostat, you rarely need to access it. Those darn builders! The worst is when they group multiple boxes together on a wall but don't even line them up!

  3. I like that idea, but I don't think we could do that in our home. We only have one floor, so only one thermostat, and we adjust it multiple times a day (it's not programable… we rent). It goes down to 56 at night, up to 62 in the morning, down again to 58 when we go to work, then up to 64 when we get home for the evening… then back down for night again 🙂 My husband says I'm an Eskimo, I just don't like spending money on heat…

  4. So funny, I always complain about where the builders put the thermostat, light switches and electrical outlets. I had my husband move ours because it drove me crazy, they put our in the middle of our hallway where photos should go.

  5. What a smart idea! I have a phone jack in my kitchen that drives me crazy. Now I need to find a frame with enough room in the back! Love the picture!


  6. Hahah! Thats what I do!! I hate those damn things~why do builders stick them in the middle of walls??

  7. Great idea! I have a big electrical panel by our back door covered up the same way. Idiot men that don't think about how things LOOK! Did I say that?;>) xo Diana

  8. A clever and pretty solution! I've never understood what builders are thinking when they choose he places they do to place those. Cute photo of the boys, Kristin.

  9. Crazy girl, I loved your gallery wall! Ha! I did the same with mine on my gallery wall, hope after all of the work it lasts a long time.

  10. That is a very interesting idea Kristin —- I am struggling with the placement of our doorbell box and thermostat in our foyer – wacky places spots on the central wall! ugh.
    Such a great idea to hide it if you don't use it often. Our thermostat is programmed and we don't touch it often. I'll have to consider hiding it under a frame! Thanks for the idea (and absolutely PRECIOUS picture of your cuties!!!!)

  11. Great solution Kristin. Our downstairs thermostat is white-against a black dining room wall! It sticks out like a sore thumb. You really got me thinking.

  12. hey kristin.

    just a heads up that i get a java error popup every single time i visit your blog, and it forces me to x out of a few things before i can view. thought you should know in case this is happening to lots of readers.

    best to you.


  13. Kristin,

    Love your ideas for covering up the infrequently used and / or eye-sore wall controls. I too have been dealing with the same issue by hanging curtains a little bit wider and also did the cover-up with a deep photo frame. The hinged "door" over the control is unique and beautiful; I'm pinning that idea as I type.

    Robin @

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