Planning out the loft space

Happy New Year!!!
I ran across My Deco website and have had so much fun planning out the loft area. 
If you missed the post on what my first project of 2012 is you can read about it here.
My Deco 3D Room Planner allows you customize your room size, walls, flooring, paint color, windows and then drop in your furnishings and objects to create a custom room.
 So fun and free!

It has a neat camera view that lets you view your room from any angle.


I am such a visual person so it really came in handy when I wanted to see what color couch would look best in the space.

It even allows you to accessorize the room.  I could have spent all day on here but the kids were bouncing off the walls.
(week 3 of no school)
So the grey sectional wins and the painting starts tomorrow.
I’m so excited!
See you tomorrow for Tuesday’s Treasures.

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  1. What an uber-cool site! I'm sooooo checking that out. I need something like that to help visualize my spaces sometimes. Awesome – thanks for the link!

  2. Oh that sounds like a lot of fun!! Now wouldn't that be great if you could REALLY paint your walls with just a push of the button… Can't wait to see how your room turns out… 🙂

  3. Oh this site sounds fantastic. We just started finishing our basement and this would be a great way to figure out how best to use the space. Can't wait to see the direction your loft goes!!!

  4. Happy New Year Kristin!! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday. I love your new project and how amazing is that site! Thanks for sharing.
    I hope all you dreams and wishes come true in the new year my friend.

  5. Just signed up for this site-I'm loving it. Glad you chose the grey sectional, and I cannot wait to hear about more updates/decisions!



  6. Thanks for the link – I can't wait to play with this! I've used 3Dream and Olioboard, but anything new and free is always fun! Looking forward to your redo!

  7. Oooh, that sounds like my kind of site!! We have our attic space converted and it totally transformed the house – plus gave us lots of grown-up space to relax!!

    Happy New Year, lovely. I so enjoy following your blog.


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