How are those painted cabinets holding up?

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It’s been really really hot here, hence the reason for no  projects.
I get asked frequently how our kitchen cabinets have held up since being painted almost three years ago.

I have to say
The only problem I have had is with food, dirt, grime but that goes with the territory of having light cabinets.
My girlfriend (thank you Irene) told me she used handsome Mr. Clean on her white stair risers.  I tried it and it worked.  So I thought I would give it a shot on my kitchen cabinets.
I’m showing you the two dirtiest cabinets in the kitchen, the ones the kids use, they don’t all look like this,
One wipe
After a few wipes only one mark didn’t come off.
Next cabinet:

Used Mr. Clean only on the upper half cabinet

Pretty impressive I would say!
The marks that don’t come off I will just use touch up paint, easy peasy! 
 I haven’t had any pealing paint, who knows maybe in a few years we will, I’ll let you know.
So don’t be afraid to paint those cabinets white!
The upkeep really isn’t t
hat difficult. 


Before and After


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  1. Kristin I love those magic erasers, they even make them for cleaning soap scum now and they work like "magic" on glass shower doors (LOL)!! I have white cabinets in my kitchen too and love them and your right there not a lot of upkeep at all. Martina

  2. I am writing that down on my grocery list today!! Got to get me some Magic Erasers. My white cabinets get pretty dingy too.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Kristin. I have white walls and open shelving so this will really be my go to cleaner!! Love all those cabinets!!


  4. I am so happy that the condo we are moving into has white cabinets already, Kristin! I will remember these Mr. Clean wipes because, while my children are grown, I will have a little granddaughter visiting.

  5. beautiful kitchen. i too, have painted cream cabinets. they have held up great too, except for the ones right under the kitchen sink. there is a tiny bit of paint chipping on those doors due to water. but they are lovely and the rest are wonderful. thanks for the cleaning tip. i will have to try those wipes.

  6. I love magic erasers and actually shipped some from Canada to Dubai just in case they don't sell them here! I've used them for my cabinets, to remove black marks from tiles and walls and even to remove the scum line around a backyard pool. They have even taken off denim rub marks from light coloured leather purses. love em!

  7. I'm forever cleaning my white painted cabinets… no small children anymore but I do have a husband and 21 year old son to leave grime behind! This is a great tip…

    I too have painted stairs and I'll be trying it on them too!


  8. I have those little white erasers all over my house. I use them on cabinets, on scuff marks on the floor, in the bathroom…they're so useful!

  9. I just recently tried the magic erasers on my white kitchen cabinets. I couldn't believe how well they worked. Then my sister-in-law told me that she used them in the shower, so I tried them in there. AMAZING is all I can say.

  10. Great tip. I've never tried this product. You should write to the Mr Clean people and link this blog post. Maybe you'll get some coupons đŸ™‚
    xo Katherine
    P.S. new giveaway started today

  11. Your before cabinets looked almost just like ours ~ we painted them white this past Spring and love the transformation. I just put the Mr. Clean wipes on our shopping list :O)


  12. I forgot about the Magic Erasers! They are very handy when the younguns take their artistic talents to the walls wood floors! Your kitchen is so pretty, Kristin. I painted my cabs white this year too and am happy I did. The cleanup is easy peasy – our one cabinet that houses the kitchen trash gets grubby but I bet Mr. Clean can help!

  13. Looks great! Those Magic Erasers are also wonderful for taking those "marks" off light colored shoes…the heels especially…and they work on kids's shoes too. I have had several white painted cabinets and have always loved them. I would paint these in a heartbeat but MyHero had his say on this one! xo Diana

  14. That before and after is amazing! I have to do this with my cabinets, what a difference! I also love the Mr Clean erasers, so easy.


  15. One of the best cleaning products ever invented! I'm always suprised at just what they will clean!

  16. Kristin, I think the white is worth a little time spent with a magic eraser. They look great!
    Have a pretty day!

  17. They are super effective but then someone told me they are really unsafe to use, is that true? I still keep them on hand for those really tough spots.

  18. You know I love your painted cabinets and wonderful to know that they've held up beautifully! And, gotta say that Magic Erasers are my BFF, fo sho!

  19. I love those sponges they're great. So glad you did a post on this subject, it's one of my concerns. I helped a family with the update of their dining room this year and they weren't happy with their painted cabinets that were a mess. I'm sure it's all in the way they were primed and finished.

  20. Kristin, Your kitchen is beautiful! I love Mr Clean Magic Erasers too! It's truly magic how they get marks off of everything!!

    I hope you're having a great weekend!

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