Headboard transformation with paint

Today I’m going to show you how to completely transform the look of a headboard with paint.

 With light sanding, primer and paint, I was able to take this dark headboard and turn it into a light and airy french inspired piece.

Completely change the look of a piece of furniture using paint.  With a light sand, primer and paint, I was able to take this dark headboard and turn it into a light and airy french inspired piece.

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Here is what we had in the guest room, to begin with.

I was ready to work some magic until my husband came home with this!

He was up in Los Angeles last week and picked this gorgeous piece up for…you ready for this? $25 dollars!!! The lines are going to fit perfectly into the french inspired room! I told you I would pour my heart and soul into finishing that room.

Oil-based primer

Sherwin Williams Summer White  semi-gloss paint or Satin

Heavy-duty cleaner

3M Sanding Sponge

Foam Mini Roller

Angle Trim Brush

Coarse Sandpaper


Clean using Tsp or vinegar and hot water.

Buff the furniture using a sanding sponge

Prime with an oil-based primer. Foam rollers will give you the look as though your cabinets have been sprayed.  In the hard to reach areas I used a spray primer

Paint your desired color using a foam roller or spray them.

NOTE: Latex paint will adhere perfectly to oil-based primer. Latex primer over oil paint will not work at all.

Let it dry, buff out any drips and give it another coat.

I distressed the piece with coarse sandpaper

It was a pretty easy project that completely changed the look of the room!


Oh, and we sold my old bed for $50 on craigslist, I call that a great trade!

Enjoy your day friends!

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  1. Hello….love your painted headboard! So scared to attempt my King sized large cherry headboard….but now that i’ve seen yours..i may give it a try!

  2. Hi, I love your headboards! I happened to notice your comments about Kawasaki Disease. My 10 year old had it five years ago here in South Australia. Love how Learnt some amazing techniques as well as find another KD mum ! Trudi

  3. Hi I love your bed transformation as I live in Ireland the paint would be a gloss or satinwood finish how many coats did you use and did you use a primer thanks Eileen

    1. Hi Eileen, thanks for stopping by! I would use a satin finish on the piece and it took 2 coats. I would either use a spray primer or you can roll the primer on. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Hi there! I’m about to paint a headboard for my daughter that looks very similar to yours (which turned out beautiful!) I feel like everyone uses chalk paint because it’s “trendy” but I didn’t have the best luck with it recently so it was nice to see that you used “regular” paint lol. What brush did you use that allowed you to get in all the crevices and no leave brush marks? Thanks so much!

    1. I’m so glad you liked how the turned out. I found that the mini foam rollers make the least amount of brush strokes and everything comes out smooth. Hope that helps.

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