Cleaning with Steam

I’m taking a little break from projects this week while I have company in town. Something that unfortunately doesn’t get put on the back burner is cleaning. I figured I would focus a little bit of time this week on how I keep my house clean while keeping our planet in mind. Let me start by saying I’m one of THOSE people who can’t really relax unless the house is clean. So for the most part my house is usually pretty spotless because I love to sit and read a great design magazine!


Let me start with the floors today. If you have any type of wood surface you will get what I’m saying. Why is that every cleaner I have tried leaves a residue? It drives me crazy! I finally switched to a steam cleaner about a year ago and I absolutely love it! No more residue, none! Just a bunch of wood floors that are spotless, streak free, residue free and cleaned with nothing but really hot water! No chemicals used, it cuts through all my dirt, grease, grime and all bacteria is killed, it really is amazing!




So if you have a lot of hard surfaces in your home a steam cleaner is really something to think about! It comes with a carpet attachment and I used it on the boy’s mattresses during the summer. I use it on the tile upstairs, the marble in the bathroom and I walk away feeling like my house is super clean yet I haven’t used any harmful chemicals. It’s a good feeling!


So get to work and start steaming those floors!

Enjoy your day-


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