Canned food organization

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I feel like I am in the middle of about a dozen unfinished projects and it’s driving me bonkers. The task of getting organized can sometimes be a very daunting but I am determined. I decided to finish one thing at a time starting with the pantry.  I want to use what I already have and if I must buy something it needs to be from the dollar store, I’m on a big time budget these days.

Feeding a family of 5 gets pricey so when something goes on sale I stock up which means a pretty full pantry.  I spied these nifty little wire baskets at the dollar store, grabbed a large and small can and they fit! I have seen all sorts of amazing DIY canned food storage ideas but really, who am I kidding, these baskets will do the trick!

 Labeling the baskets seemed like the best idea so I know exactly what I have on hand.  The labels came from Online Labels and they have a label designer program which makes creating and printing super easy!

 There is still so much more to do, I’ll be sharing little bits and pieces over the next few weeks and a whole lot more, so stay tuned!

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29 thoughts on “Canned food organization

  1. I’m on a budget too. Trying to clear out all my debts. My strategy is different though because my family is small, just my daughter and me since Daddy is away. I don’t stock up because it ends up going to waste and groceries here in the Philippines don’t go on sale much. I buy what I need when I need it and just what I need 🙂 It helps that the mall is just across the street.

  2. Great idea kristin! I’ve been thinking about how to store my canned goods neatly, and this fits the bill to a tee! love the labels too. Thanks!

  3. Hey Kristin, brilliant idea. I am trying to figure out if your wire baskets are mounted on the pegboard or if they are sitting on shelves?

  4. Love this idea. I don’t buy very many canned items but my youngest daughter loves Progresso Tomato Basil Soup so I tend to stock up when I can find it for less than $2/can. I recently used one of those locker shelves in my pantry just for her soups and it made a world of difference. Do you have any organization tips for boxes of tea? She has a ton of those as well.

  5. i will be heading to the Dollar Store this week, i go once a month. i want these little wire racks, because my can situation is getting out hand. i think this would be good for the in out system as well, as i get new veggies they can go in a different wire rack, and wait for the others to be used first! First in, First out, usually i use this system when using my veggies. the veggies in front get used before the ones in back, and all new ones get put in the back!

  6. Which Dollar store did you find the wire baskets – Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree – WE have all three!! I love this idea, just wondering how much the baskets were.

  7. Can you please help me organize all the paperwork I have? I literally have a small room of it.


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    • Stack the cans on the second layer in-between the 2 cans, if that makes sense. Basically the first row would have 5 cans, second row 4, third 3 etc…hope that helps

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