Wood floors revealed

~Hi Friends~

I snapped some pictures of the master bedroom wood floors for you today using a friends camera.  (my charger is being shipped)  I am in absolute love with them, it gives the room a whole new look!

Before with carpet

I’ll be back with details on the floor and throw rug this weekend, my grandmother is not doing well so I need to be with her.

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  1. beautiful!!!! I am biased towards dark wood floors because I had mine stained the same way! It really looks great in your bedroom!

  2. Your bedroom floor look awesome Kristin. When you first gave us a sneak peek, I thought you had used the tile that looks exactly like the hardwood you chose. Saw the tile at Lowe’s the other day and wondering where we could use it and how we could fit it in the budget. Can’t wait to see your how the rugs look!

  3. Carpet has it’s place, but WOOD floors have an even GREATER place… GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!!!
    The transformation is simply, Spectacular!! I LOVE the Hallway shot, looking into the bedroom. So very Dreamy.
    Happy Thursday to you!

  4. Perfection! Love the pups on the bed and the rug looks just right. I know you are loving the floors and will enjoy them each time you see your room. Good luck to you with your Grandmother~just be with her. XXOO to you both.

  5. looks gorgeous Kristin!!!! what an amazing transformation.
    So sorry to hear your grandma is not doing well. I remember pics you have had of her on your blog. Hope everything is ok.

  6. Hi Kristin! I absolutely love your floors! Are they real wood or laminate? Also I know you have this color flooring in your living room also, are they hard to keep clean? I am in the process of deciding on what floor color will work best for my family with kids and pups in the house! Thank you in advance for your input!

  7. Your room is beautiful! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for leaving me a sweet comment about the Modern Botanical Bloom Print over at Posed Perfection earlier in the week. I am your newest follower. I hope you’ll visit again and maybe even “Follow Me” back. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Wow! It turned out amazing!! Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Hope she gets to feeling better real soon.

  9. I’m keeping your Grandmother in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so sorry to hear she is not doing too well. Your floors are exquisite! It does give your room a whole new look. I bet you are thrilled with them. Love your sweet dogs and they certainly have found a cozy spot to relax. Thinking of you. XO Allison

  10. I love the floors! They look amazing-I know you are so pleased with them. Praying for your grandmother-hope she gets better soon!

  11. Love the floors! Sorry about your grandma too…hope she is better quickly. Where did you find the crystal chandelier in the hall? I love it!

  12. Love the floors! I’m also bed-dressing stalking. I’m in search of a new look for my bed, and I love your all white with mix-matched pillows on it.

    Kids are screaming so I’m combining two comments in one- I’m so sorry that you are going through all this with you grandma and your mom as well. My MIL has been on a very windy road towards assisted living for 6 years, so much so that we chose the place for her 5 years ago. Just knowing where she will go when she needs it, helps me (since my husband is not in charge, I am 🙂

    Sending prayers and strength your way.


  13. Your room looks like a vacation destination with the four poster bed, dark floors and white curtains that can wave in the wind. Do you open the windows and let them blow? I would.

  14. Those look great. I really like the dark wood…and I am really liking your choice for the rug. It’s all fabulous!

  15. The floor is absolutely gorgeous! Totally off subject but I am in love with the chandelier by the closets. I’m truly loving your style.

  16. Girl, we must shop at the same places, because we have the exact same wood in our home and the ceiling fan too! My wood is still sitting in boxes atop my old carpet, waiting to be installed. Your room looks amazing.

  17. The floors are lovely but I am interested in the four poster bed. Could you tell me the brand/name of the bed? Thanks!

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