White Rooms

Last week I wrote about using color in your home and realized I do indeed play it pretty safe around here.  If we look at the opposite end of the spectrum it would be all white rooms.   I absolutely love white, I don’t think I could live in a all white home but they are sure pretty to look at, serious eye candy!

white rooms

Millie  Magpie


Neutral Rooms: White on White

I Village





By just adding a touch of color


A touch of nature

Or a touch of wood



Now that I could live with!

I’m sewing drapes, hopefully I can finish them up today!

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  1. I love all white rooms. I also like the pops of color in the rooms. You can really make something stand out that is a different color like the blue chair or the flowers in the vase. I think I may need to buy that book.

  2. I was trying to leave a comment on your latest blog post with the cakes. I’m truly amazed and impressed by your creativity with the cakes and wonder how and where you get your ideas from. I’m not a cake-baker. I cook meals from scratch, but I’m one of those mothers who send store bought cakes to the school fair.

    Your cakes are really excellent!

  3. I agree. I like all white too, but I think too much of the stuff I have to have around me isn’t in shades of white so I could never have all white.


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