Top projects of 2010

It’s been fun to look back on my first year of blogging and see all that my husband and I have accomplished this past year.
I don’t think we have completed a project that gave us more satisfaction then our Kitchen transformation.  It is truly amazing what some paint and wood can do to any room!
You can read all about how we added height to our cabinets, reinvented our island and painted the cabinets here.

In February I had a blast turning this fabulous antique desk into a beauty.
In March my husband and I had so much fun turning our guest room into a french escape.  We had a lot of interest in how we installed the double stacked crown molding, you can watch the video here.
In April we transformed my closet into a little slice of heaven using a closet organizer we found off Craigslist.
For May I enjoyed turning our boys bathroom into a beachy oasis
In June the kitchen pantry was in need of some organization
In July, my grandmother had given us some furniture after the passing of my Grandfather. I enjoy having my Grandmothers chair that I repainted in our master bedroom.
I had never reupholstered anything, so In August I was thrilled that my bench turned out not perfect but good enough for me.
In September my only regret was that I didn’t paint my front door black sooner!
In October I loved adding a accent wall in our dinning room with a stencil!
November was the beginning of transforming our foyer, my favorite part was painting our table.
In December it was all about Christmas and I had a blast decorating this year!
Revisiting 2010 has me very excited to see what 2011 has in store!  So many plans, so many projects and the best part, sharing them with you!

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  1. Such a gorgeous look back! I never saw your closet. I am drooling. So excited to see you what you pull off in 2011. Thanks for inspiring us with your kitchen 🙂

  2. Hi darling,

    How are you?
    Lovely pictures and can understand the sentimental value of your grandma's sweet.

    I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and blessed new year!


  3. What a year it was, thank you so much for sharing all your very well done projects you are an inspiration…I am headed to look for a stencil right now for a powder room..Thanks for that!

  4. Wow, Kristin, so many different projects! I guess that's what keeps it interesting ~ when we mix up what we do in our homes. Your kitchen turned out great and we have a very similar closet system in our walk-in closet. I like how you've added some decorative accessories to the shelves.

  5. What wonderful pictures of your beautiful home, Kristin! I'm so glad you shared the before picture of your kitchen… I hadn't seen it before. The transformation is amazing… love it!
    I'm so glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas, my friend. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful inspiration you've given us in 2010! Wishing you all the best in 2011!
    Jo 🙂

  6. Kristin! You are so talented (: Your home is truly beautiful and all the projects are fabulous. My favorite has to be the kitchen- What a HUGE transformation!!

  7. you've been a busy girl. can you come to my house? you are very talented. can't wait to see what you are up to in the new year.

  8. you really did accomplish so much this year!!

    thanks so much for all you do!! blogging really can be so rewarding.

  9. Hey there Kristin~ I hadn't seen a couple of those projects before – everything is beautiful- and your kitchen IS an AMAZING transformation! Well done! Glad to have met you out here in blogland this year~ Happy New Year!!

  10. Your projects are just beautiful! It was fun looking at the ones that I missed, I love the guest room and your kitchen just WOWS me!! 🙂 I am so excited for the new year and what it has in store, you are a wonderful friend and inspiration!

    Happy New Year!!

  11. Beautiful transformations! Your kitchen is stunning. It will be fun to see what projects you have in store for 2011!

  12. loved every single project that you did this past year…my husband stood over my shoulder and said…"don't get any ideas for a project a month!"

    shhhhhh.we won't tell him all that I have in store! 🙂

  13. So I have seen pictures of your kitchen before, but apparently I haven't seen the before pics! HOLY COW lady that is one heck of a transformation. Seriously impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Kristen, those projects are all pretty awesome! I could curl up in any of those spaces and enjoy.

    So glad to have found you this year and look forward to more great posts!


  15. Wow – I am totally inspired now….That kitchen makeover sure is impressive, you are one clever girl. Have a fabulous 2011.


  16. Your projects are amazing. You are an inspiration with just a can of paint! Love everything, Kristin.

    Wishing you the best in 2011~


  17. Kristin, yes, amazing projects! The kitchen really turned out fantastic, I've got to go see how you guys heightened the cabinets. Happy New Year!

  18. Hi Kristin. Your project a month is AMAZING! You are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with! ALL of your projects are amazing and you have inspired me so much this year sweet friend. Congratulations to you and your hubby for all that you have achieved this year (especially that kitchen and your guest bedroom, which was the first post I ever saw of yours)! I cannot wait to see what you do in 2011. Huge hugs to you ~ Txx

  19. Kristen, your projects of 2010 are amazing especially the transformation of your kitchen! Thanks so much for joining the party and the sweet comments. Happy New Year!

  20. It's all wonderful! I love the simple black mirror over the bed, the boys' bath is heart stealing and I'm crazy about that front door. Lisa~

  21. That kitchen is such an amazing transformation!! It's gotta be your favorite room of the house! 😉

    Happy Wednesday! xo

    Oh, and I'm doing a perfume giveaway right now if you're interested!

  22. Hi Kristin!! I love all of those…but how have I never seen your closet?!? Off to check it out! Thanks for sharing with us all year…can't wait for 2011!

  23. I still can't believe your amazing kitchen transformation. Gorgeous! I love the colors you chose and what you did with the island. It's a very welcoming space. They are all drool worthy 🙂 I've had fun following you, Kristin! Look forward to the what you do in 2011!

    Happy New Year!

  24. WOW – that is so cool to look back over a whole year…blogs are fantastic for that. Your kitchen was AMAZING. The difference…wow!

  25. What beautifully done projects! What a pleasure to see all the great transformations. I especially love the your boys birthday!

  26. You are one very talented woman! Gorgeous transformations. Your kitchen is beautiful! You and your husband did an amazing job! Everything you do is done with such class and elegance. Your closet is a lovely haven. I can't wait to tranform mine. I'm inspired after seeing yours. I love the antique desk and that color is one of my favorites – so peaceful and feminine. You were brave to tackle the stenciled wall and it is stunning! I admire you for your creativity and willingness to try to tackle something new. You are an inspiration to me, Kristin!

  27. You should be amazingly proud of all that gorgeous work & all the other smaller projects, styling, trinkets & tireless promotion of other people's worlds!! Hapy new year fabulous one, love Posie

  28. I've been following your gorgeous blog this whole year. You've inspired me a lot. Your home is lovely and your projects amazing. Can´t wait for your next year's projects! A happy New Year to you and you family!

  29. I was amazed at your kitchen renovation, that is when I found your blog this past year! It has been a pleasure reading your blog and watching you work on your home…here's to a wonderful 2011 Kristin!

  30. Hello Darling!
    I hope you have had a wonderful month! I love looking at all your projects=0) Everything looks beautiful.

    Thank you for stopping by…always love reading your comments! Thank you for that darling.

    Glad it stopped raining and the sun is out=0) Of course I had 100 errands yesterday, lol.

    Have a wonderful New Year,

  31. Loved following along seeing these amazing makeovers!!

    Looking forward to seeing more beautiful inspiration in the new year!!

  32. Kristin, All of your projects are fabulous but your kitchen transformation really stands out. It is so beautiful!! Thanks for all the inspiration in 2010 and I look forward to seeing what you create next year. Have a Happy New Year.

  33. I can't wait to see what you get up to in 2011..2010 was a delight,to see all your finished projects was so inspirng..xx

  34. Wow, these transformations are stunning. Love it! I would say that you have had a very productive project year.

    Cheers! Happy New Year.


  35. Kristin,
    I have been following your blog just a short time. I never went to the kitchen remodel and read about it. Oh my gosh! I have been all over blog land, and I have to say that your kitchen make over is by far the most stunning and well done DIY kitchen makeover!!!! Incredible!
    Happy New Year!

  36. I just had to end 2010 telling you that your blog is one of my favorites. I started blogging this year for many different reasons. I found more than I ever imagined. I needed helpful advice and inspiration for my home and I found it at your blog. Your blog is one of the first I started following. I was even brave and left comments on your blog, which was a big deal for me. Thanks for sharing your creativity. You are truly an inspiration! Happy New Year!

  37. I didn't start in blogland until June, so Im actually thankful for this post. I will have to go back to the first half of the year and see you fabulous projects. Looking forward to the New Year and what surprises you have.

  38. Wow, Kristin! I love all of your projects for 2010!! Your kitchen is amazing, and the beachy boys bathroom is so nice!
    Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for 2011!
    Hope you have a great day!

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