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I know it has been relatively quiet around here, I haven’t been able to find the words, how do you?   I rarely watch TV during the day, something was different on Friday morning.  After coming home from flag salute I sat down to begin working but  turned on the news instead…..  It stayed on until the boys came home……    I couldn’t wait to have our boys in my arms and tell them how much I loved them.  I didn’t share specifics…I did let them know something horrible had happened but assured them they are safe. Do I honestly believe that? No, I don’t. Did I want to send them off to school this morning? No I didn’t.  Am I going to allow them to live in fear? No I won’t.

I want them to experience the innocence of childhood… I am sad that so many beautiful children have had that taken away.

We spent our weekend together  watching Christmas movies, having dinner with loved ones, looking at Christmas lights, making cookies for friends,  delivering them to the fire department.  We were able to hug our kids, tell them how much we loved them, show more patience, let them stay up a little late, have that extra cookie.  There are 26 families that won’t get that second chance.  As we can go on and live our “normal” life, life for these families will never be the same.

I woke to an amazing e-mail from my middle one’s teacher. It gives me so much peace to know my children are in the care of loving and kind teachers when they are not with me, here is a small snippet.

“Please know I am here for your children to love and support them.  They are as important to me as my own baby girl.  I will do my best to answer any questions they may have.  Please email or call me if you have any questions or concerns.  I PROMISE to compose myself when I see them in the morning when all I want to do is open the door and hug them tight and tell them how much I love them.”

While we ask why, I pray for all the families, I pray they find comfort and peace.

This song has been on my playlist for years and seemed appropriate for today’s post.





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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as they are so very similar to my own. I have been battling the fear of this new week all weekend, I will not let it overcome me or rob my boys of their childhood. Life is so precious, I love my boys so much, and can’t imagine how those parents even begin to wrap their heads and hearts around this. My prayers are with all of them as well, and hope that as I continue to live life I am daily thankful for my many blessings.
    Nice to hear that you too didn’t want to send your boys off this morning, nice to know I am not alone in those feelings….

  2. Thank you for sharing. I did a similar post as well. Its hard to focus on anything when there is so much heartbreak. I just pray that the legacy we leave behind for our children includes a safer world!

  3. I know that President Obama was right when he told Newtown last night that they were not alone. We are all sorrowing with them. We cannot even fathom their sharp searing grief but our dull heavy hearts are there with them….

  4. Beautiful. I enjoyed hearing about your weekend and all your Christmas memory making with your children. I believe that is what the children in Newtown would have wanted.

  5. beautifully said…my children are 22 and 18 – and still this weekend – I took extra time (when they allowed me to) to talk with them – tell them I love them and just enjoy them…when 911 happened – I wanted to just run to the school and bring them home…I didn’t – I knew they needed to be there…humanity took a big hit this past week …with patience and love hopefully we all will be able to heal – God bless those angels and their families

  6. Your thoughts echo the entire country’s. We are all grieving, crying, praying and holding our loved ones tighter. My two boys are in college now, we talked about this incident off and on all weekend, there simply is no way to wrap our brains around what happened. Evil people exist and even with all the precautions taken at the school, this horrible thing happened. Thank God for the Police Officers who first responded, they prevented any further injury and death. Thank God for the courageous Teachers and thank God for the training that they all observed. We, all of us, must be more observant and stop being afraid to speak out if we notice unusual behavior. We are all each others angels and we need to make someone listen if we feel something isn’t right about a person or situation. With broken hearts and tears in our eyes, we can hold these children, their families, and this community in our thoughts and prayers and send them love and light. Thanks for sharing with us Kristin.

  7. This story broke my heart. Even my 16-year-old daughter said, “They were just babies. How could he do that?” Just sad. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Unfortunately, I know the pain of loosing a child. My prayers and constant thought goes out to all those families and friends and the nation that has been affected by this tragedy. All I can say is that time will will help and always know that now all those affected have early deposits in heaven. God bless them all.

  9. Kristin, your words were perfect!! Such a horrible event, and truly impacts ALL of us who have children (whether young or old). God bless you sweet lady!

  10. Even here in France the news was devastating. I knew my pupils would have questions about it. I braced for that on Monday. I tried my best to both not lie to them and not make them panic. I just wanted them to be able to understand what they hear on tv. It was not the easiest lesson in my carreer! I think the email sent by your kid’s teacher described perfectly what we all tried to do…

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