Suitcase Makeover

Awhile back I was given some of my grandparents old suitcases.  I have used them in various parts of the house for storage.  Although my Grandfather is no longer with us, it always puts a smile on my face when I happen to pass one up.  I invision all the places the suitecase must have traveled in their 76 years of marriage and the simplicity of what was most liekly packed back then.   I decided to give this piece a little makeover since it is displayed ontop of our armoire in the master bedroom.

The inside is in prestine condition.

One coat of Duck Egg by Annie Sloan did the trick.

Followed up with a coat of dark wax and a coat of the clear soft wax to take any excess dark wax off.

I hope Grandpa likes it!

~Thanks for stopping by friends~

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  1. Kristin, I would never have thought to paint a suitcase. You did a beautiful job and I’m sure your grandfather would have been pleased.

  2. I can’t believe the condition of the inside. Wow. The color is perfect. Things like that are so special. There is nothing better than displaying something that belonged to a beloved family member. It was meant to be used and I’m sure you are getting a big thumbs up from your Grandpa!

  3. How wonderful that your grandparents were married 76 years! A beautiful makeover of your grandfather’s suitcase and he certainly would be proud. That’s a very special suitcase Kristin.

  4. Looks outstanding my friend!!! I really need to try duck egg…another color on my wish list.


  5. I love it! What a wonderful idea! I would have never thought to paint the suitcase…I have a couple of my grand parent’s in our attic! I just used my first duck egg blue paint this week…got a free sample so I am trying it out on this & that around the house. Love the color!

  6. I seriously have to remember I can PAINT old suitcases. I see them at sales but pass them by if the color makes me go yuck.


  7. Ah… those days when a marriage was for life! That’s so nice they were married for that long. I love those cases. I used to have one that was passed down to me when I was a little girl. I don’t know what’s happened to it now, though. I would’ve loved to have kept it.

  8. Kristin-That is really a sweet memory you have painted.. It is in really good condition inside and out! I think it looks great. Sp….you put the light wax on AFTER the dark wax to remove some of it? I have not worked with this very much yet so that is interesting. xo Diana

  9. I LOVE this! You did a fantastic job of painting the suitcase and giving it such fun character! And, wow(!), 76 years of marriage?! That’s wonderful.

  10. Thanks for sharing! Especially about your grandparents… I love the suitcase, and would like to see how it is used on the armoir…

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