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How To Create A Custom Wood Sign

Hi friends, today I’m showing you how easy it is to create a custom wood sign.  Creating your own one of a kind sign is so much easier than you think and the possibilities are endless.

How To Create A Custom Wood Sign

I’m back again for this months thrift store challenge, make sure to check out all the amazing makeovers at the end of this post.

Thrift Store (1)

  I secretly placed the old sign it in my husbands office, he somehow didn’t see the humor in it, so what’s a girl to do? Paint it!


White Water-Based Primer Stain or dark cream wax
Scrap wood or old wood sign
Acrylic Paint
Sandpaper Craft Paint Brush


Clean the sign with a clean rag.


Paint primer onto the wood and let it dry.


Decide on what kind of lettering (font style & size) you want to use and print the words from MS Word onto regular copy paper. I used the font named stencil and enlarged it to 190.


Trace each letter in on the backside of the paper using a pencil, pressing hard.the-easiest-way-to-transfer-print-to-make-a-wood-sign

Place the piece of paper on top of the wood.
Take the  pencil and color over the letters so the writing on the back will transfer onto the wood.



Using a sharpie, fill in the letters, it doesn’t have to be perfect.


Using a dry brush I added a very thin coat of beige paint and wiped it off with a wet paper towel.

how-to-make-a-unique-wood-sign-out-of-scrap-wood make-a-wood-sign

To finish off the sign, I sanded it a bit and added a light coat dark wax, you could also use a dark stain.



That’s it, this is a great project to do with free scraps of wood or signs you find at thrift stores.  The best part it can be completed in an afternoon, I love projects like that.

turn-a-old-thrift-store-sign-into-a-antique-looking-sign-with-just-a-few-easy-steps step-by-step-tutorial-on-transforming-an-old-sign-into-a-antique-looking-sign

Time to see what all the other ladies found at a thrift store this month!

Thrift Store Decor Team

Scarf Wreath from Petticoat Junktion
Weathered Farmhouse Basket from Our Southern Home
Giant Whip from Bliss Ranch
Artwork into Chalkboard from My Repurposed Life
Custom Wood Sign from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

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  1. Kristin,

    hahahah love the original sign! Isn’t it so great doing what we do? Taking something nobody really wanted, and putting our own spin on it?
    Love the easy transfer of the letters, something anyone cand do.

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