New Water Leak From Our Dishwasher

This post is so overdue but life gets busy and family comes first, we had a leak, AGAIN!  It’s been 2 months since I walked downstairs in the early morning and the dishwasher had been running the whole night, 8 hours.  8 hours of water rushing under our cabinets, 8 hours!  UGGGGG

New Water Leak From Our Dishwasher

Thankfully when we replaced the old kitchen cabinets after the last leak, they raised the new cabinets so they would not be sitting on the cement ground.  This saved our kitchen and we had minimal damage because of this, thank God!

Kitchen leakage

The water was about 2 inches deep and wrapped around 2 corners of the kitchen.  In order for us to confirm the water damage we had to cut holes into our brand new cabinets which was heartbreaking to watch but it was our only option.

kitchen leak

(this was taken after we dried out)


We had the restoration company come in and take over.  Lots of loud fans blowing heat into the holes to dry thing up.  They treated everything since mold had already started to form.

DSC_0039 DSC_0038

Having to hand wash dishes for the past 6 weeks has given me a new appreciation for our dishwasher!  Before getting the dishwasher fixed, my hubby came up with a genius idea!  Remember all those holes we had to cut?  We turned them into what I call little trap doors.  He basically added hinges to each panel we cut out so we can open the doors at any time and make sure things are dry below.  Smart man I tell ya!

Make a small trap door inside the kitchen cabinet to see if you have any water leaking at any time

Make a small trap door inside the kitchen cabinet to see if you have any water leaking at any time.

(You can see where it destroyed the wood just in that short amount of time.  Thank goodness you can’t see it)

We are still waiting to see if the dishwasher company will pay for the the restoration, I’m hoping they will do the right thing!  It would have been easy to take this and turn it into something huge but you have to realize in comparison to the bigger things in life, this is just a minor upset.   Life happens, and it isn’t always easy but the way you handle life’s challenges shows they type of person you are.

If you know of a water leak detection alarm that you love, leave it in the comments below. Oh and I may be storing bundles of cash in our new trap doors, shhhh.

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  1. Oh my gosh, it’s like you are cursed in your kitchen! I’m so proud of you for taking it in stride though.

    We were thinking of wood floors in our next kitchen. You just confirmed that it’s not smart to do.

  2. Hate you are having to go through that again. My parents recently discovered a leak in their small powder room, but not before damage was done to it, the kitchen and their wood floors.
    I know our alarm company offers water leak protection devices that work with the house alarm. Might look into that if you have an alarm company already.

    1. Oh we do! I never even thought of that, thank you so much for letting me know Lauren! I’m so sorry to hear about your parents damage, gosh water can really do so much damage in such a short amount of time 🙁 Hope you guys are having a great summer!

  3. This really stinks that you are going through this AGAIN. My heart dropped when I read your title… Hang in there. I didn’t have a dishwasher for over a month because of a problem with my new unit

    1. Thanks Marcy, hope you get the problem fixed with your dishwasher, no fun washing dishes by hand. Hope you and the family are doing well and enjoying summer! XO

  4. We use Simpli-safe alarm company. You pick and choose what items you want, such as cameras, motion sensors, window sensors, door sensors, fire, and water sensors. You don’t have to have an alarm contract and you set it up yourself (it was easy) The monitoring price is much cheaper than the other big name alarm companies. Two weeks ago in the middle of the night the alarm for the water sensor went off and within 10 seconds they were also calling us to alert us (now that’s fast monitoring service!) Our water softener had blown a hose. My husband repaired it, or so he thought … And then It went off again last week and again they called immediately.
    So Yes, I highly recommend. They have a website that you can check it out on.

  5. Oh man Kristin, I’m so sorry that happened to you again. It must have been really heartbreaking to cut through your new cabinets, but your husband’s solution was pretty genius. Hoping the dishwasher company does the right thing.

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