Transfer print to wood

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I wanted to make sign for the boys bathroom so I tried transferring print onto wood, it worked like a charm.

Remember my wonderful find from my vintage shopping day? Well, I’ve been having fun turning them into something special.

I gave it a good wash, a light coat of spray paint some sanding and a little glazing to pretty it up.


Craft Paint Brush

I printed out the word Beach on my printer

Colored each letter in on the backside with a sharpie

Put the piece of paper on top of the wood. Took a pencil and colored over the front of the paper so the writing would transfer onto the wood.

Painted the letters with some craft paint and touched up with a sharpie.

So easy and she looks pretty in the kids bathroom love the old mixed with the new!

 Easy Peasy, thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Hello! I do a lot of sign painting with a slightly different method. I color the entire back of the lettering with chalk. I then put the chalk backed lettering in place on the sign, tape it down to hold in place, then pressing firmly I trace the outline of the lettering. This makes a chalk outline on the sign that I then paint in. When done and paint is dry I simply wipe away the chalk form the sign with a damp paper towel. By pressing firmly when outlining the lettering you will create a slight groove in the sign which also helps keep the edges crisp when painting. The harder you press the deeper the groove around the outline and the better that groove acts to trap paint and keep edges crisp while you paint.

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