Kitchen Sink Organization

Today is all about  organization under the kitchen sink on a huge budget.  Organization does not have to be difficult, nor does it have to be expensive, thanks to the dollar store for making it possible. (or the 99 cent store, dollar tree, too many to keep track)

How to organize your sink using dollar store supplies

 I store only items that will be used in the kitchen, I do this for a few reasons. The garbage disposal and pipes make it pretty difficult to store too much.
I want to see what is down there so we can prevent another disaster from happening. And lets be honest, if I store one item that isn’t related to keeping the kitchen clean, then it becomes a place to store a bunch of crap. (story of my life)

Place grip liner on the bottom of shelf

Pull everything out from under the sink and purge anything unrelated to the kitchen.

Clean the cabinet really well.

Line the shelf with grip liner. The Dollar Store has a ton of options for liners so you can pick whatever makes you happy.

Organize and categorize and start placing like items into containers.

inexpensive way to organize under the kitchen sink

Store large items that you don’t pull out too often in the very back.organization under the kitchen sink

Place the stackable bins on the sides of the cabinets for convenient storage. They are perfect for storing sponges, detergent and sprays.   Dollar Store Organization Tips

Great tips on organizing everything under the kitchen sink

For my taller bristle brushes I use large glass mason jars. For smaller miscellaneous items I store them in bin with compartments so things stay organized.

Organizing under the sink with dollar store finds

That’s it and it only took about an hour!

Easily organize under your sink using dollar store containers!

If you don’t have a dollar store near you, below is a list of supplies you can purchase online. (affiliate links)


Plastic Storage Baskets
Stacking Bins
Non Slip Utility Liner
Mason Jar


I am able to keep the bare minimum under the sink by kicking the chemicals to the curb. I’ll be sharing all of my natural cleaning recipes and tips hopefully tomorrow. Until then you can find more of my cleaning tips below.  Thanks for stoping in and happy organizing!

Everything you need to clean the kitchen the non toxic way


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  1. Thanks for the inspiration, friend! I “need” to get my under sink area organized … I use lazy Susans for my bottles, but will definitely get the stackable baskets for the other mandatory “stuff!” Thanks for the tips!

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