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Writing and hosting seems so insignificant with everything going on in the world but we simply can not ignore what is happening.  Watching the news, being on social media brings so much sadness and anxiety but I can’t sit back and not do anything.  People are suffering, I will do my research to see where I can donate, if you have a source, please do share, this is simply devastating and I feel hopeless.
I also want to share that we lost Paula from Virginia Sweet Pea to Stage 4 Lung Cancer last week, she was very well known in the blogging community and a true inspiration. If you can, please continue to visit her blog.
My dear friend Lisa from Shine Your Light is also battling lung cancer, please consider supporting Lisa in her fight, she is so gracious,  kind, and a true inspiration to everyone.

Deep breaths, 1 foot in front of the other, long walks on the beach with my pups and hubby are the one thing that keeps my mind still and my heart from racing.

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Oreo Dipped Bunny Cookies

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Spring Wreath


Nutella Frappuccino 

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  1. Yes, so much sadness in the world. I’m so sad about Paula. She was such a wonderful person. Prayers for her family and for Lisa and her family as well.

  2. Thank you for hosting and sharing beauty in a dark world. We will so deeply miss Paula. Many of us are also so sad to hear of the loss of our friend Michelle of The Painted Hinge blog this week.

    As you said, one foot in front of the other. We must move forward and keeping fighting the good fight!

    1. Oh my goodness, I had no idea, Michelle was so talented and I loved visiting her blog and seeing her talent and inspiration. This is heartbreaking, thank you for sharing Amber.

  3. I’ve been so burdened this week over what is happening in Ukraine, and now the passing of 2 blogging friends. I will go by your friend’s blog to visit. Thanks for hosting and sharing your thoughts with us. Take care and be well.

    1. It’s been a very hard week. Debra, may I ask who else passed, this breaks my heart, we are such a tight community, thinking of you my friend.

  4. Thanks for hosting us during these dark times Kristen. The news of Michelle & Paula are so heart breaking on top of everything else that is happening in the world. Thank you for a safe haven. XO- MaryJo

  5. Lots of terrible things going on in the world, but in the midst of it all thank you for sharing such lovely posts… we all need encouragement xx

  6. Heartbroken over the losses of Michelle and Paula, Kristin. They were both such sweet and talented ladies. Their creativity and inspiration will be deeply missed online and in our blog hop chats too. Thanks so much for hosting each week and for giving us a place to share and hang out when everything feels so heavy and sad. Sending you lots of hugs and adding my prayers to yours, CoCo

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