How To Turn Any Light Into A Wireless Chandelier

​Create your own affordable, outdoor wireless chandelier light fixture with this incredibly easy step-by-step tutorial. To add light anywhere without electricity, you can use a portable LED light bulb that runs on batteries. These battery-powered LED bulbs are designed for this purpose and can be used in various scenarios where traditional electrical lighting is not available. I was able to take an indoor pendant light and turn it into a battery-operated outdoor chandelier in just minutes, with no hard wiring involved. Let me show you how! 

I”ve been adding a few updates on the back patio over the last few months.  The last time I did much of anything was 2 years ago for my mom’s celebration of life.  I ran across some wicker basket pendant lights on our FB community page and I knew I had to have them.  Most start at $100 for this size so I thought $20 a piece was a steal!

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Here is the before of the pendant

Materials Needed:

  1. A Basket Chandelier (or any light fixture of your choice)
  2. LED light bulb run on batteries  Found at hardware stores, amazon, or lucky me the dollar store for $2.99
  3. Wire Caps (Optional)
  4. Polyurethane (Optional)

Note: Choose a portable LED light bulb: Look for LED bulbs specifically designed to be portable and battery-operated. These bulbs typically have built-in batteries and come with various brightness settings and features.

Also Check the power source: Some portable LED light bulbs come with built-in batteries, while others require external batteries or battery packs. If your LED bulb requires external power, you can not use this outdoors for this project.

Step-by-Step Guide:

First thing, Although I plan on bringing this rattan basket indoors during the winter months, I still decided to waterproof it to protect it from the sun, so I sealed it with a coat of polyurethane.

Since our wires were camouflaged within a Fabric Cloth Covered Round Wire,  no electricity is being used here whatsoever, we simply reused the original socket.  (the socket is where the light bulb goes.) We capped the electrical wiring and tucked it into the top canopy.

You might get lucky and the bulb might fit into the socket but my bulb was not compatible with the existing socket and I had to get a little creative. By adding fishing wire/string between the battery pack and the part that screws on, I then threaded the fishing wire into the socket holes.

Note: I’m showing red and white string in the pictures so you can actually see it, the fishing wire disappears in pictures 

Once you screw the top of the light bulb on, the string will not budge.

Once you thread it through the socket holes, and knot, simply cut the wire/string.

Some other options would be to use a swag hook, adhesive strips, or any appropriate fasteners to secure it in place. Ensure it is positioned in the center of the basket safely to prevent it from falling or causing any hazards.

Step Three: Mount your outdoor pendant light by the cord, we simply wrapped it around the planks of our patio cover.


I love how it looks during the day but is even more beautiful at night with all the outdoor lights on!

I love adding these little twinkle lights to any empty bottles!

This is such an easy way to make a beautiful center point outdoors. You now look like you have a beautiful and expensive outdoor pendant from a high-end store.

Other different options for outdoor Cordless Light Solutions

 Puck Lights 

A puck light, named for its hockey puck shape is so versatile and can also be a great choice for outdoor wireless lights, with no light switch involved, many times you can adjust the brightness levels. These disc-shaped lights come with a battery pack and remote control. They are great for indoors as well as floor lamps in your living room where no electrical outlet is near, a cordless lamp, table lamps, a pendant lamp on bookshelves, wall sconces in the dining room, an old light, overhead light in a kitchen and a pictures light so no wires can be seen.

​Another great idea is to use outdoor Solar lights

Portable light bulbs powered by solar provide a convenient and safe way to add light to areas without access to electricity. They are versatile and can be used in various situations, making them a practical lighting solution for temporary or emergency lighting needs. 


Additional Tips:

  • Battery life: Keep in mind that battery-powered lights will have limited runtime based on the battery capacity and the power consumption of the LED light source.
  • Consider keeping spare batteries or a portable battery charger on hand for longer usage periods.
  • Recharging: If you’re using a rechargeable battery, you’ll need to make provisions for recharging it periodically. Consider adding a charging port or removable battery pack for easy recharging.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, do you have any indoor lights you would like to use outdoors?

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  1. Yes, I just mounted sconces in my living area using the ‘magic bulb’ trick! Love it! and I love the shade you used… *almost* got the same one for my dining area!

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