How does one begin to put my gratitude into words…. There are times when it is difficult to find the words to share my appreciation and this week has been no exception.  The support,  encouragement, prayers, gestures, has my heart overflowing. Friends and strangers far and near have sent us notes and prayed, how does one say thank you. We have had meals, goodies and groceries dropped off. The boys taken care of, our laundry done (yes even the bottom of the barrel that I wouldn’t touch) the house cleaned and our home cleansed by a my girlfriend who studies Fung Shei, we are blessed!

The day we came home from the hospital this gorgeous sign was sitting in the hallway!  Coincidence? NO….Gods hand’s….YES

Tiffini is the talent behind this sign and blogger over at  House of Belonging.  She had wanted to make a sign for me long ago, I thought a lot about what I wanted the words to say and this is what I came up with.  Words we try to live by as a family, the sign would serve as a reminder to us on a daily basis.  Tiffini became ill over the holidays and things became hectic.  When she had time to make the sign neither one of us had no idea our lives would be turned upside down.  Yes, I would say God had a HUGE part of this, the sign couldn’t have come at a better time.

From the bottom of my heart Tiffini, thank you!  Our friends, our family, my blogging friends have been nothing short of a miracle, thank you!  Please stop by her Etsy Shop and take a look around she loves to create custom orders!

Whole Heart - Handpainted Wooden Wall Art

You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling custom sign

Grateful - Hand Painted Sign

~Wishing you the most awesome day EVER~



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  1. All in His perfect timing. Thanks for sharing with us. Such beautiful words to live by. And, she is quite talented. Going to take a look. I love artwork that is personal to the home and those who share it. You continue to be in my prayers.

  2. What wonderful God inspired signs. You know there was a greater hand in this than just all of yours. You got that sign just when you needed it most. Blessings to you and I am continuing to pray for your family- xo Diana

  3. Kristin I’ve been thinking of you all week and I was so happy to hear how your son came home form the hospital! God is good and he always looks over us!
    Beautiful sign!!

  4. What a wonderful network you have in times of need – a blessing indeed, especially as your son is home again!

    The last sign is always my favourite
    [Gratitude turns what we have in to enough]

  5. God is busy, in a good way. He placed all of us in your world to extend your prayer circle when you needed it most.

    Beautiful sign.

  6. The sign is beautiful…I will have to check out her shop. I am so happy your little man is feeling better…I cannot imagine how hard this has been on all of you. We will continue to pray! What a blessing to have so many praying for each of you & taking care of your needs. I am sure it is a special feeling. God is so GOOD! Much love!

  7. God Bless You All…I’ve been praying since I saw your post last week and I know that so many others have….God Bless your sweet little boy and surround you all with His love and Healing

  8. Kristin, in the midst of stress, illness, and worry, we only have to open our eyes to God everywhere! You are truly blessed to have these wonderful friends in your life.
    Praying your little Grayson is running & playing in no time.
    Hugs & blessings to you & your precious family!

  9. YOU are sweet as pie! i didn’t even know you posted this until last night! i have been so busy working .. i closed the shop for two weeks….lol
    timing right:)))
    i just am so happy you love it and that the words will bless you families hearts…thank you for being such a sweet friend to me

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