The Benefits of Waterless Skincare using Oliveda

I am switching things up a bit and sharing something I love!  I have always had a passion for skincare and I am always on the hunt for the best of the best. Let me tell you, I am completely in love with Oliveda products, from the internals to the topicals because they are CLEAN, waterless/sustainable, anti-inflammatory, and their active ingredients are PACKED FULL OF ANTIOXIDANTS. My skin has seen a huge improvement and only keeps getting better. Whenever I find something I LOVE, you know I have to share it with you. 


I don’t talk much about my health, but with two different autoimmune diseases, I am always on the hunt for clean beauty, clean eating, non-toxic cleaning, etc.  That is why Oliveda spoke to me!  Oliveda is based in Europe, they are subject to stricter cosmetic safety regulations. Currently, there are over 1700 unsafe cosmetic ingredients banned in the EU, while the US only regulates the use of 11 chemicals.  How did I not know this before? It’s scary if you think about it. 

When I  started this blog, I shared a few of my favorite skincare products and homemade masks and everyone loved it.  Then I moved into my late 40’s and now at 50 I was like, no one wants to see a 50-year-old’s face but I have changed my mind on that! I’m proud to be aging gracefully and want to share all of the changes I am seeing and how I am feeling on the inside as well!  My skin can sometimes be dehydrated, I do suffer from psoriasis and I’m targeting anti-aging.  My clean beauty options were a little limited, and none gave me a healthy radiance and glow.  This isn’t a problem anymore, I found a cleaner line from Europe while getting my glow back! 

About Oliveda 


Oliveda is a German-based wellness company that specializes in skincare and cosmetic products formulated with extracts of the olive tree. The name Oliveda comes from the Latin Word for olive, which is the main ingredient in all of their products. The company emphasizes the use of olive tree leaves, olive oil, and extracts derived from the olive tree to improve skin, microbiome, and oral health.
Olive Tree People developed the first Oliveda product in 2001, the I01 Elixir, which I love! After 20 years of success in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and additional European markets, Oliveda launched in the United States in March 2023.  
I am scattering a few before and afters throughout this post so you can see the results for yourself.  The results speak for themselves!
I love that you only need to use a small amount of product and I’m finding each bottle will last forever. The scent is heavenly and I glow after each use every morning and night. 

First Thing: Take The Quiz

I took the quiz to see what products they recommended for my skin type.
Based on what was suggested I placed my first order and received a free eye elixir which is incredible, and free shipping.   Click on the picture below or click here to get started!

About Waterless Beauty

I am extremely picky about my skincare, It has to be safe as far as ingredients
and this elevated brand uses a powerful compound extracted from the olive leaf tree instead of the
first ingredient being 75% water and 26% of fillers and preservatives found in most conventional skincare most of your traditional beauty brands use in their products. It is replaced with their beauty elixir and bio-active arbequina oil.
Seriously, we have all been paying $75 for products that are 75% water, it makes zero sense. It’s no wonder celebrities like Gigi Hadid, endorsed Olive Tree people and was able to use the products throughout her entire pregnancy! I’m telling you, waterless beauty is going to be the next big thing!
These innovative products use natural ingredients with a highly effective & globally unique holistic beauty molecule and elixir, comprised of hydroxytyrosol, which can only be found in our mountain olive trees. This powerful compound is one of the most beneficial antioxidants that you can find having a plethora of benefits when it is used both topically and ingested via tincture!  I have been taking the I01 for about 2 weeks and am already feeling a difference in my inflammation! 

I usually get IPL’s every few years to get rid of my sun spots, age spots,and hyperpigmentation, I was about to get another one until I found this brand and saw all the before and afters.  I decided to put the money towards the products and give them a trial run.  If I don’t like it, no problem I have a year to return the products.  The problem is (kidding), I started to see immediate results, all of my spots were slowly fading away thank you to the Hydroxytyrosol!

What is Hydroxytrosol?

Hydroxytyrosol is a polyphenol from the olive tree with the strongest power in fighting free radicals. Olive Tree People’s own “Hydroxytyrosol” beauty elixir from the core of thousand-year-old mountain olive trees, which keeps the cells alive for 4,000 years, also offers us the best possible results with its unparalleled, active “Intelligence of Nature” complex. It visibly counteracts redness, irritation, and pigmentation and ensures a fine-pored, radiantly beautiful complexion. It is found in EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT and is proven to reduce inflammation, wrinkles, age spots, and other indications of skin aging as well as increase radiance and firmness.

Who is this for

Their product lines are recommended not only for mature skin, but as a powerful ally against premature skin, aging skin, and sensitive skin. It is great for ALL skin types and perfect for someone who is trying to improve their skin’s appearance organically. They also have a line for acne-prone skin.

What Products Should I Get?

These product recommendations and the quiz will guide you in the right direction, but I am here to help with any questions you may have! 

Can I tell you their natural Botox is incredible! 


Shop Olive Tree People

Free shipping on orders over $50+ plus subscribe to get 10% off orders. All sets are always 20% off 365 day money-back guarantee! Select two of the products suggest for your holistic wellness journey and get a FREE eye product

What makes Oliveda Unique?

Olive Mush – coffee replacement

Dive into why this skincare is set far above the rest

LA Dope: CBD Beauty TherapyDope your wrinkles from within

Take our quiz

I can’t wait to start sharing more with you and share all of my before and after pictures, until then, let me know if you have any questions.









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