Farmhouse Bedrooms

Something tells me if we had lot of property we would live on a farm with a barn.  Yes a barn, they’re for people, too! High ceilings, white cabinets, scratched wood floors, exposed brick, lots of animals, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, wainscoting,  beautiful old doors, wooden beams, stone, iron and of course chandeliers, oh it all sounds fabulous!


Even though we don’t live on a farm I have added small touches throughout our bedroom to give us a farmhouse feel.  We purchased a four-post bed with simple straight lines.

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

~I am loving all the textures used in the rooms below~

Country Living

Farmhouse Canopy Bed

Potttery Barn

Country Living

Farmhouse bedroom | Image |

House to Home

Restoration Hardware

Country Living


I’m loving this bed made with two giant doors from Restoration Hardware.

~A girl can dream~

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  1. Those are beautiful, Kristin. That fifth image from Country Living is EXACTLY what I want in our bedroom. Those planked walls? LOVE. I’ve been thinking about you lately and am sending lots of prayers and hugs your way.

  2. Yes, converted barns are AMAZING! I love the use of natural textures all put together, and love old exposed brick walls. I’m thinking lots of white and pale browns, sheepskin rugs, angora throws, white velvet sofa (extravagant), pebble tiles in the bathroom, wide wood floors everywhere else and lots of light coloured timber! And a fluffy hot chocolate served in a beautiful pottery mug! Oooh, must stop thinking like this and be happy in my little modern abode!

  3. My in-laws have a barn and I’ve often dreamed of making it over into a home. Talk about cathedral ceilings! It’d be so fun but I’m sure SO expensive to do! But yes, you’re right, a girl CAN dream;)

  4. seems like every american wants to live on a farm now…i think it reminds us of a bygone time..when things were simpler..before to much technology:)
    love the brick walls…love each picture. can’t wait to do my bedroom:) happy weenend!

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