DIY Upcycled Coffee Cup Cozy

I have a fun little tutorial for you today, a DIY Upcycled Coffee Cup Cozy!  I know I know, we are heading into summer but seriously, I am always cold, always!  So this will be perfect even in the summer when we are due to arrive on the fields at 6:30 am and the fog is still rolling in.

Upcycle those sweaters from the thrift store and make a DIY cozy coffee sleeve

I’m back again for our super fun monthly thrift store challenge series, so make sure to check out all the awesome thrift store transformations at the end of the post!

Thrift Store (1)

First find a sweater you haven’t worn in a long time or stop by the thrift store like I did, ONE DOLLAR for this cute thing, SCORE!

Turn an old sweater into a DIY


Fabric Adhesive

Sharpie Permanent Marker


Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks

Ruler or tape measure

Embellishment (optional)
Supplies to make a cozy coffee sleeve


Decide how big of a sleeve you want covering the mug.

Simply lay the mug on top of the sleeve or in the sleeve and mark it with a sharpie.

I can’t cut a straight line for the life of me so I measured, marked then cut.

I was not in the mood to take out the sewing machine so I just used fabric glue on the edges and folded under.  Turn right side out.

I hot glued my embellishment, yup, I added a little bling last minute.

I liked the idea of the cuff folded down.

Perfect little sleeve for my coffee, completed in about 10 minutes!

Upcycle those old sweaters How to make a diy cozy coffee sleeve! DIY Cozy coffee Sleeve DIY Coffee Sleeve from a old sweater Great tutorial on a DIY Coffee Sleeve from a old sweater

Don't Throw away your old sweaters, upcycle them!

Upcycle a old sweater and turn it into a cozy coffee sleeve! Great Tutorial on how to make a Coffee Sleeve from a old sweater

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  1. Kristin– a ONE dollar sweater? that’s the deal of the day for sure. and you still have enough left to make more projects. I see a pillow just begging to be made!

    Love your little coffee cup cozy, and you’re right-it will be perfect for those chilly mornings.


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