DIY monogram door hanging

Hello! My name is Kristin and I am guest posting from
I have a huge love for home decorating and especially DIY projects! On my blog, you will find an array of DIY projects, recipes and a little bit of my personal life tossed in every now and again. My husband and I own a relatively small condo, but just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful! We are constantly thinking of ways to make it more livable, organized and just plain gorgeous.
I don’t like to be caught without some sort of wreath or decoration hanging on my door, am I the only one?  It’s something so simple that just spruces up your home and welcomes people in!
The trouble is that February is kind of an in-between month, right?  It’s not the Holidays anymore and it’s not quite spring yet, so what do you do?
 Here is my solution:

Jute wrapped, monogram door hanging!
What you will need:
Wooden monogram letter(Michael’s $2.99)
Jute(Michael’s $2.99)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Decorative flower of your choice(Michael’s $.99)
Ribbon(Michael’s $.75)

 Start with a line of glue on the back of the letter.

Place your twine on top of the line of glue.

 I wrapped the difficult areas first, I ended up doing a base layer and then a top layer of jute.  It gives it a more uniform look in the end.

Just keep wrapping, wrapping and wrapping!

Sometimes it helps when you have an adorable puppy sitting with you.

 My lil’ craft buddy!

See how I wrapped the top layer?   

I wrapped the bottom layer vertically and the top layer horizontally.

 Voila! Done!

I added a little bunch of flowers, wrapped a ribbon around and hot glued it.

Finished product!

It is gorgeous Kristin!
Thank you for sharing such a great project with my readers.
~Have a fabulous day~

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  1. That is adorable! And, it looks easy enough that I could actually do it đŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love… love… love… both – the monogram and the buddy! Great job. Thanks for sharing… have a terrific Thursday

  3. It's precious. I would definitely feel welcome if I came knocking on your door and saw that. It's also very creative. I love your crafts and find myself returning to see what you have done next. I don't know if I've said before, but I've added you to my blog roll so my friends can also visit. I know they'll love your site.

  4. Love this! I did a moss covered monogram last year, but really love the texture of the jute on yours! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love this! Great tutuorial. I will have to make one while I'm watching one of my shows one night. The little dog is adorable!

  6. Fantastic idea and the first thing I'm going to do after making one for myself is make one for each of the 3 wedding couples I have to get gifts for in the next couple of months. So unique, and I think anybody would love one. Thanks for the tutorial!

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