Planting a garden

I was all geared up to start on the backyard this weekend but word has it we are expecting a big storm.
So instead of showing you progress you get to see what will be worked on and some inspiration.

I am ready to plant a real garden this year. 
The problem is the best spots don’t get the most sun.  So I am going to tear out some of the grass, add fencing and plant away.
We were given the cutest white picket fence with a gate a few years ago.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it but I just couldn’t give it away.  I am so glad I held onto it!




We also inherited a few old pieces of furniture for our backyard, thank you to Brenda.
I know it doesn’t look very pretty right now but you just wait!

 A little spray paint and some new cushions she will be looking pretty in no time!

How about you, any gardening plans in your future?

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  1. Oh…I love the romanticism of a white picket fence – particularly when it's spilling over with blooms. Looking forward to seeing the progress in your garden.

  2. Kristin- I got all the stuff home (with my son's help) last Spring to put a short picket fence in front of our house. My son dug down…hit rock…we moved it a few feet from the original dig-my son dug down…hit rock. WHAT? There is a solid rock base about 8" in our front yard! SERIOUSLY? The lot is quite sloped and, guess what? The bed rock slopes right along with it. I was sooo disappointed. One of the worst parts was that we had taken all the parts for the fence off the truck and had to reload it all and take it back.

    THIS year- I have to move a bed that is front of our office window because it has grown beyond it's means. I am moving that to a side fence (hope there's more than 8" of soil there!;>)-Trust me-there is but I will check before I dig up the plants.

    I will be thrilled to see your fence up and planted. There is just NOTHING like a picket fence in a yard to make it romantic. xo Diana

  3. I'm sure your garden will look gorgeous! I have an arch with a small white picket fence on either side. I'd love to get something to grow up it. I planted clematis last year, but my husband mistook it for a weed and weed-whacked it.

    And, I have to be careful about what I plant, because my dog likes to eat flowers. See what I'm dealing with around here? đŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!!

  4. I love those picket fences with the hydrangeas! So beautiful! I'm going to be doing some landscaping in the front yard today!!! So excited to get started making it look pretty đŸ™‚ No picket fence for us though, it just wouldn't work in our neighborhood.

  5. The inspiration photos look dreamy!

    For us we are going to re-try and veggie garden but in a different spot and we are also going to be planting some Orange tree's and a Banana tree :0)

  6. I have been so busy painting.I am hoping to get out in my garden next week.The weather is going to be a bit cooler.But my roses are starting to bloom.They are still covered with burlap.I need to get that off.

  7. Oh Kristin I love a white picket fence. Your inspiration photos are beautiful! The only thing I planted so far are pansies in all my pots and urns. Have a great weekend!

  8. I have no doubt you will turn the settee into a great spot to sit. And those fences with the hydrangeas???? I wish I could get something to grow like that!


  9. Oh I love picket fences! It wouldn't fit in in my neighborhood unfortunately, but I can't wait to see yours!

    So I thought we were just getting "rain" tomorrow, but after seeing you post I looked it up – thundershowers, really??? Noooooo!!!

  10. Just beautiful Kristin…I thnk those are Limelight hydrangeas in that first pic and I want some of those….maybe this year. I LOVE my garden but WHAT A LOT OF WORK! Hope you're ready!! LOL

  11. Hi Kristin,
    I can't wait to see what you do with your garden and the white picket fence… so good you didn't give it away!

    There are so many things you can do with a "less sunny" place too in the garden.

    Looking forward to updates,

  12. I have always wanted a white picket fence…they are so sweet! How exciting to be planting a garden. Mine needs a lot of work but our weather is so iffy right now. Best of luck with yours and the fence. Love the wicker settee…it is going to look beautiful jazzed up!



  14. It looks to me as if you have a wonderful plan of attack. I was going to do some flower planting too, but the storm is coming!! I guess sitting and planning will be going on instead,
    Happy weekend, Kathysue

  15. That white picket fence with the overflowing white hydrangeas…perfection! Lately I have been drawn to all white blooms…so simple and pretty. We plant a garden every year in our backyard raised bed – its wonderful to have fresh veggies throughout the summer and into fall.

  16. Beautiful gardens, I love hydrangeas, I can't wait to see what you do with that chair, it will come up gorgeous.x

  17. I love white picket fences…so welcoming, sweet and quaint. Beautiful photo with the white hydrangeas! I had planned to work in the garden today too, but we got hit with a storm. I can't wait to see what you do, Kristin. It will be lovely I know!

  18. I can't wait to see what you do. The picket fences look so pretty with the flowers spilling over them.

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