The Heathered Nest House Tour

Hi Friends, I am so excited to have The Heathered Nest show off her beautiful home for us today.  My hubby has a job up in San Francisco so the boys and I decided to tag along for Spring break.  It is officially our first full day here and I can’t wait to show the boys all the beautiful sites!

Greetings Suburbians!  I’m so pleased to meet you.  I’ve been a follower of Kristin’s for a long time now, so it is an absolute thrill to be hanging out with you guys here today.  But we can’t be hanging around the left coast if you wanna be in my neck of the woods, so through the magic of this here internet, we’re headed east…to the Maryland countryside.  Home of The Heathered Nest.  So, welcome!  Or as they say out here in the country, “Howdy, won’t ya take your boots off and sit a spell?”

Heathered Nest modern country guest room with barnboard ceiling!

Actually, I’m not totally sure that whole “boot” and “sitting a spell” thing is actually what they say.  You see, I’m a city gal transplanted to the country.  And so I kind of make this stuff up as I go along.  

This little ol’ blog was started last summer as my (feeble) attempt to stay (slightly) sane.  As it is, I have three little troublemakers angelic children that I now stay home with EVERY day, 24/7.  I love it very much, and am blessed to be in the “raising our future generation” line of business, but blogging has helped me remember that there are, in fact, words that still exist other than those found in the Spot-lift-a-flap books.  

Anyways, let me show you around.   Come on through the front door…that’s where we bring the VIPS.  But only this first time, next time, you’ll be slogging through the garage, like the rest of us.

We’re getting ready and hoping for some sun and spring around here, but today, there’s nothing but rain outside.

Just off the foyer is our dining room.  Would you care for some artisanal cheeses and port?  Perhaps some caviar and crudite´?  Well, you’re in the wrong place.  But we’re happy to share some of our pop tarts and apple juice (organic, of course). 

Need to use the loo?  Or perhaps splash water on your face if your tour guide is boring you?  Right this way…

Or, you could use this one…we just finished it recently!
I know the kids will want to show you their rooms…

My daughter may con you into playing tea party…

My older son will ask you to read 37 books to him about trains…

And the youngest will have you making smores over a roaring felt campfire.

And after that, you’ll probably be wanting to “hit the hay”, so we’ll take you back to your “quarters“.

heathered nest guest room, heathered nest modern country bedroom, heathered nest be our guest, urban country design, modern country design, barnboard ceiling, toile, burlap, sisal rug
But don’t be napping too long, there’s work to be done!  There’s furniture needing to be re-upholstered…
And pigs to slop! (or maybe those are kids to feed). 

It sure was great to meet ya.  And we wish you safe travels, until we meet again…(which we hope is very, very soon!)

Heather & Dave
Thank you so much Heather for sharing your beautiful home with us today, can’t wait to meet you in person soon!


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  1. What a beautiful home! The daughter’s room is just darling and so nice and light and bright. Kristin, welcome to SF! How long will you be here? Xo

  2. I want some cheese and apple juice please, and then I want to sit on the stairs, no…wait-I want to lie on the cow hides and look up at the cool light fixture. I’m not that far, about 1/2 way from CA!! 😉 You are one talented chic. XO

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