DIY Decorative Easter Eggs

The boys and I had some fun crafting and creating some decorative Easter eggs using different types of supplies we had laying around.  I honestly just can’t believe Easter is this coming weekend, it sure did sneak up on us!

Wrap Stickers Around a styrofoam egg the Easter for a fun craft

For our first eggs I brought out the old scrap booking supplies and wrapped stickers around the egg giving them a cheery and bright makeover.
Wrap a styrofoam egg in yard this easter for a fun craft with the kids

For our second one we took some fluffy yarn and wrapped and wrapped, this one was by for the most easiest.

Glue buttons on a Styrofoam egg for a fun craft this easter

Lastly, we grabbed a bunch of buttons and hot glued them onto the egg.  If you are in need of some of these eggs just click right here, Styrofoam Eggs.

All so easy and all so fun!  Just incase you are looking for some more last minute ideas here are a few I have created in the past.

Twine -Wrapped- Plastic- Eggs

Baker’s twine Easter eggs

DIY Robin's Egg

DIY Robbin Eggs

Step by step tutorial on how to make flowering egg shells. Such a great idea for an Easter Tablescape!
Flowering egg shells

Epson salt eggs, so easy to make

Epson Salt Eggs

Thanks so much for stopping in today and have a wonderful Easter!


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